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B?rbeque Ma?ntenance Tip?

Author: jock

Wh?n purchasing your barbeque grill, th?nk of ?t a? an inve?tment rather th?n just another ?t?m for ?our outdoor ?nt?rt?inm?nt. Y?u should expect th?? ?t?m t? become a large ??rt ?f ??ur outdoor activities f?r many years t? come. But l?ke any ?ther investments, ?ro?er maintenan?e ?nd c?r? is needed to ensure th?t y?ur barb??u? grill will w?rk for you for many ?ears to c?me. While some maintenance and cl?aning ?s ?pecific to th? ty?e of barbeque gr?ll your own (gas, electr?c, ch?rco?l or smok? b?rbecue grill), th? majorit? of maintenan?e that should be carr?ed on do?s not ch?ng? fr?m grill to grill.

Step 1- Gathering The Necessary It?m?

You w?ll n??d som? ??mm?n household ?tems on h?nd wh?n it c?mes t?me t? ?lean y?ur barbe?ue grill.

Bra?? w?r? grill bru?h
Steel w??l p?ds, preferabl? that c?ntains so?p already.
Mild dish soap
Sponge or dishcl?th
Spray c??king oil
Dry bak?ng ?oda
Alum?num foil

St?? 2- Bru?h?ng Your Grill Off

Th? fir?t th?ng that should alwa?s be d?n? to y?ur grill is a rout?n? bru?hing. Using your br?ss wire gr?ll brush (or ?ther brush suitabl? to ?our type ?f gr?ll) you should brush off all the surfaces. By routinely bru?hing ?our barbe?ue grill, ?ou will prevent any t??e of buildup. If bu?ldu? fr?m food ?? left to long, ?t c?n become increasingly difficult to r?m?v?.

Ste? 3- Spray Cooking Oil

Onc? you are sure th?t ?our grill i? fr?? ?f ?ll buildup ?nd d?br?s, and that your gr?ll ?s c?mpletely cooled off, ??u will want t? s?ray it d?wn with a light layer of cooking ?il. Spraying ?t d?wn with ?ooking oil w?ll prevent your b?rbe?ue grill from rusting. It is especiall? imp?rtant to m?ke sure your barbeque grill is completely ??ld, as spr?ying cooking oil on a h?t ?urface m?? c?use the oil to heat u? and ignit?, which could be potentially danger?us to y?u and your barbeque gr?ll.

Step 4- Use Baking S?da ?nd Aluminum Foil on Y?ur Grill

Baking soda i? a ver? n??e cleaning and pol?sh?ng ?g?nt. On?? you have removed any ?xtr? debris and bu?ldu?, lightly scrubbing your barbe?ue grill with baking sod? will g?ve ?t that extra ?hine, similar t? the da? that ?ou brought it h?m? from the store. Th?s can al?o be used on handles ?nd kn?bs t? remove ?n? extra bu?ldu? that cannot be taken off with a wir? brush.

Alum?num foil can also b? u??d to keep ??ur grill look?ng nice. Gently rub the aluminum fo?l on ??ur gr?ll, and ??u will not?ce th?t it rem?ves gr?m ?nd bu?ldup.

Step 5- Cle?n Your Racks

The r?ck? ?n your gr?ll ?r? ?sp?cially imp?rtant as thi? ?s where the food touches when it i? cooking. Y?u will have t? us? th? wir? brush t? remove ?s mu?h buildup a? possible. Onc? you remove as mu?h as possible, start washing the racks w?th d??h s?ap. If the rack? ?r? re?ll? dirt?, you m?? also want t? use the steel wool p?ds. Be sure to completely rins? ?ff all s?ap and residue before cooking on these ra?ks again.

St?p 6- Prevent?ng Problems

The maj?rity of pr?blems that arise from barbe?ue grill? com?s from l?ck of ?leaning ?nd maintenance. That me?ns if y?u notice something does not ?eem quit? right with ?our barbeque grill, chanc?s ar? ?t ??n b? fixed with just a ?imple cleaning. Even ?f ??u clean it, and still f?nd that it is h?ving problem?, ?t le?st you saved yourself the potential ?mbarrassm?nt ?f t?k?ng ?t t? a professional only to find ?ut ?ll it needed wa? to b? cleaned.

Finally, one meth?d of ?reventing pr?blems w?th your barbeque grill is protect?ng it from the outdoors. Covers are ava?labl? for grills ?n all sh?pes ?nd ??ze?, s? chances ?r?, you will find on? that f?ts ??ur gr?ll. If ??u have a cov?r for ?our barbeque grill, then all ??u w?ll ?v?r need to do i? do th? regular maintenance li?t?d ab?ve.

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