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B?rbe?ue Maintenance Tips

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When purchasing y?ur barbe?ue grill, think ?f ?t ?s an inv?stm?nt rather then just another ?t?m for ??ur outdoor entertainment. Y?u ?h?uld expect thi? ?tem to become a large p?rt of ??ur outdoor ?ctivities f?r many years to come. But l?k? any other investments, ?ro?er maint?nanc? ?nd car? is needed to ensure that ??ur barbeque gr?ll will work for you f?r many y?ars to com?. While som? maintenance ?nd cl?aning i? spec?f?c to the t?pe of barbe?ue grill your own (gas, ele?tri?, charcoal or sm?ke b?rb?cu? grill), th? m?jority ?f maintenance that should be carr?ed on do?s n?t ch?ng? from grill to grill.

Step 1- Gathering The Necessary Item?

You will n??d ??me common household ?tems on h?nd wh?n ?t c?mes time to cl?an your barb?qu? grill.

Br?ss wir? gr?ll brush
Steel w??l pads, prefer?bly that c?ntains ?oap already.
Mild di?h soap
Sponge or dishcl?th
Spray ?ooking oil
Dry bak?ng s?da
Alum?num foil

St?? 2- Bru?hing Your Grill Off

Th? f?r?t thing that should alwa?s be d?n? to ??ur grill is a r?utine brush?ng. U?ing ??ur bra?? wire grill brush (or oth?r brush su?table to y?ur ty?e of gr?ll) you should bru?h ?ff all the surfaces. By routinely bru?h?ng ?our barbeque grill, you will ?revent ?ny t??e of buildup. If bu?ldu? from food i? left t? long, ?t ??n b?c?m? increasingly difficult t? r?m?v?.

Ste? 3- Spray Cooking Oil

Once you ar? sure that y?ur grill i? free of ?ll buildup ?nd debr?s, and that your gr?ll ?? completel? cooled off, you will want to spray ?t d?wn with a light layer of cooking o?l. Spraying it down w?th cooking oil w?ll prevent your barb?qu? grill from rusting. It is especiall? important to m?k? sure your barbeque gr?ll is completely ??ld, as ?praying cooking oil on a hot surf?ce m?? caus? the oil t? h?at u? and ?gn?t?, which could be potent?ally danger?us t? ??u ?nd your barbeque gr?ll.

St?p 4- U?e Baking S?d? ?nd Aluminum F?il on Y?ur Grill

Bak?ng soda ?s a v?ry nic? cleaning and ?olishing ag?nt. Once you h?ve removed any ?xtr? debr?s ?nd bu?ldup, lightly scrubb?ng your b?rbeque gr?ll with baking soda will g?ve ?t that extra shin?, similar t? the d?? that ??u brought ?t h?me from the store. Thi? can ?l?o be used on handles ?nd knobs to remove ?n? extr? bu?ldu? that cannot be t?ken off w?th a w?re brush.

Aluminum foil can also be us?d to k??p ??ur grill l??k?ng nice. G?ntl? rub th? aluminum f??l on y?ur gr?ll, and ?ou will n?tice th?t it r?mov?s grim ?nd bu?ldu?.

Ste? 5- Cl?an Your Racks

The r?cks in ??ur grill ?r? espe?ially ?mportant as thi? ?? where the food touches when it ?s cooking. You will h?ve t? use th? w?re bru?h to remove a? much bu?ldup as possible. On?? you rem?ve as much as possible, start washing the racks with di?h soap. If the rack? ?re r?ally d?rt?, you m?? also want to use th? steel wool pads. Be ?ur? t? completely rins? ?ff all soa? and residue b?for? cooking on the?e r?ck? again.

Ste? 6- Pr?v?nt?ng Problems

The m?jority of problem? that arise from barbe?ue grill? comes from la?k of cl?aning ?nd maintenance. That me?ns if you notice something does not s??m ?uite right with y?ur barbeque gr?ll, chanc?s are ?t can be fixed w?th just a simple cleaning. Even if you clean it, and still find that ?t ?? hav?ng pr?blems, at least ??u saved y?urself th? potential ?mb?rr?ssm?nt ?f t?k?ng it to a professional only to f?nd ?ut all ?t needed was to b? cleaned.

Finally, one m?thod of preventing ?roblems w?th your barbeque gr?ll is protecting ?t fr?m th? outdoors. Covers are ava?lable for grills ?n all sh?pes and sizes, ?? chances ?re, you will f?nd ?n? that fits ?our gr?ll. If ??u have a cov?r for y?ur barbeque grill, then all ?ou w?ll ever n??d to do is do th? r?gular maintenance list?d ab?ve.

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