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B?rbeque Ma?ntenance Tip?

Author: jock

Wh?n purchasing ?our barb??u? grill, th?nk of it a? an ?nve?tment rather then just another item for ??ur outdoor ?nt?rt?inm?nt. You sh?uld expect this ?tem to become a large p?rt ?f ?our outdoor activiti?s f?r many years t? come. But lik? any ?th?r investments, pr?p?r maintenance ?nd care is n??d?d to ensure th?t ??ur barbe?ue grill will work for you for many y?ars to com?. Wh?l? som? maintenance and ?leaning ?s sp?cific to th? t?pe of b?rb?qu? gr?ll your own (gas, ?l?ctric, charcoal ?r smoke barb?cu? grill), the majorit? of maint?nanc? that should be ?arried on do?? not ?hange fr?m grill to grill.

Step 1- Gathering Th? Necessary It?m?

You will n??d some ?ommon household items on hand when ?t come? time t? cle?n ??ur barb?qu? gr?ll.

Br??? wir? gr?ll brush
Steel w??l p?d?, ?referably that ?ontains soap already.
M?ld d??h soap
Sponge ?r dish?loth
Spray c??king oil
Dry b?king ?od?
Aluminum foil

St?? 2- Bru?h?ng Your Grill Off

The first th?ng that should alwa?? b? d?n? to ?our gr?ll is a routin? brushing. Us?ng ?our br?ss wire grill brush (?r ?ther brush suitabl? to y?ur typ? ?f grill) you should bru?h ?ff all the surfaces. By routinely bru?h?ng ??ur b?rbeque gr?ll, ?ou will ?revent ?n? t?pe of buildup. If bu?ldup from food ?? left t? long, it ??n bec?me increasingly difficult to remove.

Step 3- Spray Cooking Oil

On?e you are sure that y?ur grill ?s free of all buildup and debris, and that ??ur grill ?s completely cooled off, ??u will want to ?pray it d?wn with a light layer of cooking o?l. Spraying ?t down w?th cook?ng oil will prevent your b?rbe?ue grill from rusting. It is especially import?nt to make sure your b?rbeque grill is completely ??ld, as spraying cooking oil on a h?t surfa?e m?y c?use the oil to h?at u? and ignite, which could be pot?ntially d?ngerous to ?ou and your barbeque grill.

Ste? 4- Us? Baking S?d? ?nd Aluminum F?il ?n Your Gr?ll

B?king soda ?? a ver? nic? cleaning and poli?hing ?g?nt. On?e you h?ve removed any ?xtra debri? and buildu?, lightly s?rubbing your b?rbeque gr?ll with baking soda will give ?t that extra ?hine, ?imilar to the d?y th?t you brought ?t h?me from the store. Th?s can ?l?o be used on handles ?nd knobs to remove any extr? bu?ldup that cannot be taken off with a w?r? brush.

Aluminum foil can also b? us?d to k??p y?ur grill look?ng nic?. G?ntl? rub th? aluminum f??l on y?ur gr?ll, and ?ou will n?tice th?t ?t removes grim and buildu?.

St?p 5- Cl??n Your Racks

The rack? ?n ??ur grill are ?sp?cially import?nt as th?? ?s where the food touches when it i? cooking. You will h?v? t? u?e th? wire bru?h t? remove a? mu?h bu?ldu? as possible. On?? you r?mov? as mu?h as possible, start washing the racks w?th d?sh soa?. If the racks ?re re?lly dirt?, you m?? also w?nt t? use th? steel wool ?ads. Be ?ure to completely r?nse ?ff ?ll soa? and residue bef?re cooking on these rack? again.

Step 6- Preventing Problems

Th? majorit? of ?roblems that arise from b?rbeque gr?lls come? from lack of ?leaning ?nd maintenance. That means if you notice something does not s??m quit? right with ?our barbeque gr?ll, chances are ?t can be fixed with just a ?imple cleaning. Even if ?ou clean it, and still f?nd that it is having problems, at lea?t y?u saved ?ourself the potential embarrassment of taking it t? a professional only to f?nd ?ut ?ll ?t needed w?? to be cleaned.

Finally, one m?th?d of ?reventing problems w?th your barbeque grill is protect?ng ?t from the outdoors. Covers are ?v?il?ble for grills ?n all sh?pes and siz?s, so chances ?r?, you will f?nd one that f?t? ?our gr?ll. If y?u have a cov?r for ??ur barbeque grill, then all you w?ll ever n??d to do is do th? r?gular maintenance l?sted ?b?ve.

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