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How to Improve Your Golf Game and Health with Yoga

Author: Feel Good

To play well, a golf player should be fit and healthy. Unfortunately, some golfers aren’t fit and as they age it really catchs up to them. While golf is not thought of as an athletic sport it requires much more physical ability than one realizes. Just swinging a club uses most of your muscles, so it essential that you perform a lot of stretching and physical activities. To do this effectively, one requires balance, strength and flexibility. Yoga provides an excellent way to do all three! Why is each important? Let’s look at each in turn to understand why they are important.
Improving flexibility will prevent chronic injuries. A lack of flexibility in one area leads to hyperflexibility in another. I had a patient one time who kept injuring his left hip playing hockey. Long story short, his right hip was tight and he overcompensated with his left injuring that side. Once we stretched the right side out he was balanced again and stopped getting injured.
Strength is another key component of golf that yoga can help improve. Strength allows one to hit the ball farther. Doing the poses slowly allows one to build muscle mass. Doing poses and transitions quickly not only helps one with cardiovascular health but also improves fast twitch muscle firing which is so important in golf.
Finally, yoga improves balance. I wrote Feel Well, Play Well because I have seen too many older people not be able to do the things that they enjoy due to a loss of balance. In most cases, this was avoidable with regular exercise and routine to improve balance. For the golfer who is playing, improved balance allows for an improved swing. You can increase swing speed thereby increasing the distance you hit the ball.
Yoga is like meditation. Every time you do a pose and feel pain, you have to breathe through it and feel every part of your body. The stretching of your body allows your mind to relax, resulting in opening up blocked or stuck places and thoughts. The body will then release chemicals, toxins or neurotransmitters. This helps with prevention of injury.
Sometimes you also have emotions you tend to forget and by stretching your body, your mind will allow you to feel it again. By concentrating, you can release them one by one. After this, you will feel like those burdens have been lifted and this is vital to enhance your golf playing. Yoga also helps you to be aware of your body positioning to create a good and perfect golf swing.
As mentioned, most or all of the muscles are used to play golf. Just swinging and hitting a ball requires tremendous muscle power from your back and hips. Without any warm-up exercise, this could lead up to serious injuries. The proper alignment of the neck is important to make that good swing. So a good stretching could prevent stiff neck or chronic injuries that might cause you so pain.
Yoga exercise has many benefits not only to enhance your physical endurance but also for you to have a better performance on the course. You can prevent chronic injuries, improve your balance, and gain more flexibility. As you age, you will have more vitality that will allow you to play longer in life. To me, that is a win-win.

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