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Last Minute Travel Discounts

Author: Globe Cheap

1. Comparison shop. You don't have much time, but the Internet makes comparison shopping faster and easier than ever. Check out websites like kayak.com, but don't forget to look at individual airline sites as well. And when you're comparing costs, remember to consider extra fees which aren't included in ticket prices, such as baggage fees and other additional charges.

2. Act fast. When you do find a good deal, book it. Companies usually make great packages available for a limited time only, so you may not find it again if you don't book it right now.

3. Plan to travel outside the peak periods. Don't fly on the day before or after the holiday. Midweek also tends to be cheaper than weekends.

4. Explore other airports near your destination. See if it's cheaper for you to fly to a nearby airport than where you originally planned go. Of course, factor in the cost of a cab or other transportation to get to your destination.

5. Try to book multiple flights with one or more connections instead of direct flights. Sure, direct flights are faster but they're also more expensive. If you're not in too much of a hurry - and if you're not traveling with small children - you just might save some serious money by taking a series of connecting flights.

6. Save on accommodations by stay at a relative's or friend's house. Or look for hotel deals such as special family packages or holiday deals. Also check out how much it costs to rent a condo or apartment, or find a home swapping deal.

7. If you're traveling to get away from it all, pick an off-season destination. For example, Las Vegas is cheaper during Holidays than the rest of the year.

8. Look for deals on car rentals, if you need to rent a car. Again, the Internet is your best tool for finding hot deals.

9. if taking your own car, optimize its fuel consumption. Make sure all your tires are properly inflated, and replace your car engine's air filter. While you're at the mechanic, have your car checked to make sure it's road worthy.

10. Food expenses can really add up when you're traveling. To save on food, pack snacks and lunches to eat while you're traveling. And when you arrive, plan to prepare your own meals.

These are only a few of the ways you can dramatically reduce the cost of your holiday trip. If you want more tips you can use for your next trip and year-round, download this FREE report from Globe Cheap Most of the tips in this report are insider tips only a former travel agent would know (which the author is).

If you're willing to be flexible with your travel plans and invest some of your time and energy finding great deals (as opposed to putting everything in the hands of a travel agency) then you will save big money by following these tips. Go here to claim your free report now: Globe Cheap
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