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Video Streaming And Contextual Advertising

Author: John Perth

There are a number of ads categories that use this paradigm, and all this are preferred because of the best single most fundamental goal which is they reach their audience well.

Text ads and the use of links are now becoming the easiest and most preferred manner in which web owner attract traffic to their sites. It also offers advertisers easy way through which they can make money online, and this explains the reason why there are so many companies and online marketing individuals competing for ads on the website.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, for that case and in the same tone it would be right to say that a video gives the whole story, just as it is. The rise of video advertising as an online marketing method gives rise to one of the most beneficial visual ads. Original, ClickAds put more emphasis on keywords and phrases used in the ads. With the video streaming ads, you can look out for more than just the profile of the ads.

The reason as to why video streaming is becoming a popular option for reaching out to consumers is the fact that it does not only get to explain a product, but gives the consumer first hand chance where they can view the product and make decisions. With keywords and phrases, a web visitor may get to know more about the product but will this be to the extent of telling them about the physical attributes of the product or site? Not really.

Contextual advertising comes in handy with video advertising through availing of the video ads to customers right at that time when they need it. Picture this, you are on a website reading about the just released Samsung Galaxy S4, you get to learn about the captivating features that this phone has and then you feel dissatisfied with this, only a demonstration video can satisfy this.

An ad then flashes alongside while still at that page, and it has just the video that you need plus links that also can lead you to websites where you can get to purchase this stunning phone.

How convenient do you think that would be?

This shows how effective contextual advertising and video streaming of ads can be when working together. Contextual advertising is primarily about placing ads on webpages or blog sites that have related content. This is meant to offer users with more information about a product or service offered by a website. It also serves with users a site where they can access different information about the same product just to be more informed.

Contextual advertising and video streaming exist perfectly and work easily and is a fast manner and can cater for any marketing need for whatever kind of website. There are different charges for the videos, and this depends on the network that you choose to use, the frequency that you utilize your ads as well as the sites that will serve as hosts to your video streamed contextual ads. Contextual Ads are paid for via a number of options which include CPC, CPV and CPM which is the cost per 1000 impressions by the Ads.

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