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Mail/Logistic Protection Solutions:

Author: Jehoshaphat Huguley

Now, there is a new system designed to give individuals & companies an extra added sense of security and awareness through picture/video imaging. This system shows the receiver of a package what's inside the package(s) or a picture/video of the sender identifying themselves. It can also be used for special occasions, like wishing a friend a happy birthday, etc. All members will receive an email when senders use their account number to send them mail or packages. As a member, you will choose how known and unknown (anonymous) senders send packages to your home or facility.

It's pretty clear that threatening mail is shipped all the time to agencies such as Federal Sate, Local Law Enforcement, and Emergency Response Agents, to name a few. It is no secret that there are hostile forces out there preparing to deliver destructive operations and devices such as bombs/bomb threats, biological warfare, liquids, powders, postal devices, letter bombs, parcel bombs, hate mail, and hazardous materials are some of the most common means of criminal attack being sent through Postal Service. This revolutionary service will help cut down on mail crimes that threatens and targets the public safety, health and economy. The objective here is to help guard against acts of revenge, extortion, terrorism, etc. Detecting mail threats are difficult because the sender is always anonymous and physical appearance is unknown. This new service can and will be used in conjunction with businesses that specialize in handling potential threats who handles postal mail/packages. This service allows businesses and people alike to understand potential threats increasing awareness and security and giving recipients a choice to pay for this type of service is what sets apart this service from everyone else. This type of technology enables everyone to receive protection. We all know how devastating terrorist threats are and how it disrupts Congress and USPS. There is now an innovative solution that doesn't require increasing postal revenue.

The U.S. Postal Service's existence will no longer have to stagger to be an independent entity. This new service can and will save the U.S. Postal Service from having to spend a billion dollars every year in operating costs. This way is a safer alternative to alter the USPS' practices for making mail safer. We believe that by using this technology, it will help alter or prevent certain threats & add a sense of peace & stability to our everyday lives. Contact your local Postal Service or Shipping Center for availability.

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