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You will need a domain name AND a hosting company where your domain will be housed.

Author: Shaun Alexander

How Do I Buy A Domain Name?

Almost every business now owns a domain name. It doesn't matter if they are using it for e-mail or for an entire website, a domain name is a "must have".

Your domain name is the internet address that your potential customers and visitors will use to get to your website. A powerful domain name will increase your exposure in search engine results. These days, thousands upon thousands of websites are being launched every day. It can seem like a challenging process but with the right company, it can be quite simple.

You will need a domain name AND a hosting company where your domain will be housed. What you shouldn't do when you decide to get a domain name is choose the wrong hosting company to purchase your domain name. You may think that by choosing one of the "big" companies you think you are saving money in the long run, you could be very wrong. Saving a couple of dollars on a registration is a way that many of these firms will lure you into signing up with them. You will soon discover that this isn't much of a saving when you are tied in and you lose out on services such as e-mail forwarding and free domain parking.

If you are just starting out, you know that a having a good business name is a great way to represent what problem your company solves. Transferring this brand identity over to your domain name is just as important. Domain names affect your overall business. Whether you are selling cups of coffee or removal services, a domain name will identify your online presence. Preferably, your domain name should be your company name. This is because customers will search for you online. If you can't register the exact domain name you want, make sure that the alternative choice is short, easy to remember and relevant. And ALWAYS purchase the.com extension - purchasing others such as .biz, .org, .info, is optional as they generally get far less traffic.

If you are new to domain names, you should know that the price of domain registration has generally stabilized. So it is service after the sale that should be of highest concern to you. Make sure you get free customer support 24/7 at no additional charge and other great extras such as marketing tools, a website builder, multiple e-mail accounts, WordPress hosting and private domain name registration.

You can do all of the above on your own or partner with a professional domain and hosting service that can help you do it all in one place at a reasonable cost.

Be sure that you will be treated as an individual and not just as another number.

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