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Is Body Gospel the exercise program for You?

Author: B. Gregory Sloan

Hi. My name is Brian. I would like to tell you a truthful story concerning a not so smart man who became in bad shape and overweight over a period of quite a few years. Certainly we all know that the fitness market place is flooded with a very wide variety of workout programs and quite a selection of exercise programs on DVDs. However, I would really like to tell you some great things about a fantastic program from Beachbody. This enjoyable and good health inducing program is called Body Gospel.

I wishfully observe all those P90x television ads and certainly the ones about the Insanity program and hello, wouldn't that be cool to be able to be at that level to do those? Definitely there are some fifty somethings on the planet who could make it with that intense type of workout plans, but not this 54 year old person. I think it would probably be the definition of insanity had I tried those at the fitness level I had settled into.

Well, let me tell you a tiny bit more about me. I'm employed as a Minister of Music at a wonderful church here in a beloved portion of Northern Georgia. I love my job, but it rarely would ever have me engaged in a lot of hard manual labor or anything like that. And to be honest, I had gotten out of the regular exercise habit. My wife and I have tons of exercise equipment in our basement. So, we don't have any excuses if we don't keep ourselves in shape. But, I actually had not been a regular guest in that room very often for quite some time. I am fairly tall at 6'4" and my doctor considered me a bit overweight considering how tall I am. But the main thing with which I was concerned was that my amount of energy was getting worse and worse. I felt terrible, and was so very tired just about all of the time. However, what troubled me most was that I started to get low on breath as I led my church family as we were singing every Sunday.

There comes a time when you need make you a line in the sand… or perhaps on the rug, tile, or even your shiny hardwoods! So, that is what I had to do. I no longer be willing to let my health go downward because I was unwilling to give a little time to exercise. I couldn't continue going into the fast food lanes each and every day. So, I searched and found a workout series from Beachbody. And seriously, I wasn't trying to have a "beach body," necessarily, however, I couldn't help but remember the summer vacation before when our family was staying at the beach and I was embarrassed to go out with my shirt off. I became determined that it certainly would not happen the next year.

So I started using a DVD exercise set. Actually, I don't think I knew about Body Gospel at the time. I came across Body Gospel later on. The program I actually got back into shape with was the earlier Power 90 exercise DVDs. The regular Power 90 set is an older product, but for real, it changed a lot about my life. It changed my body shape, and I lost a lot of weight, plus got to buy new, smaller shirts and pants.

However, during the process of all that, I found the exciting, fun-filled program Body Gospel. It contains a very fine set of fitness DVDs from Beachbody and it's led by Donna Richardson Joyner. It contains energetic Gospel music, quite a few great routines that do not require any additional equipment other than the pro-grade resistance bands which included in this great package. Including some inspiring bonuses, this unique package contains 5 DVDs, with several of them having multiple workouts on each DVD. The program is very well put together. Ah, but definitely I didn't see critical comments about this package on the web, did I? Yes, I'm afraid I did. Was Beachbody trying to utilize the good will of Christian people by playing on their faith as a means to make money?

Well, of course Beachbody intends to make money with the Body Gospel brand. And, I'm just being honest here, there are a thing or two, including the names of some of the exercises that I thought might have been a little too religiously named. I wasn't offended, but you can certainly tell they tried very hard to make the series very religious. But, hey, any time someone puts out a high quality product such as this one for the body of believers that I have served along side for over three decades, I'm not going to criticize it. It is a well done, expertly produced exercise product that also encourages people in their spiritual growth. It's finely woven together, and in at least this pastor's opinion it's a program that can help many. And, it matters not if you have stayed in shape or you're really out of shape. There are levels of these exercises for you. Always be sure it's fine with your Doctor when you make the great decision to start a new fitness, though. If you are ready to be motivated in your faith while at the same time getting in shape, this is a fantastic series to try. I give greater information on my website. I'm excited to have Body Gospel!

Have a super day and come on, let's get fit!!

Check out Brian's full review of "Body Gospel" at http://www.bodygospelreportcard.com. Or check out his thoughts about "Body Gospel" and our faith at http://www.bodygospelreportcard.com/faith.
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