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Author: Rellise Daigle

At the end of last year, I did what all good business owners do by the end of the last quarter... next year's business plan. I drew out my strategy including what worked for me that year, and other proven methods learned along the way. I included projected sales of my upcoming book this year, speaking engagements, and of course the income that will be earned part time to make money blogging. I figured that since I already knew how to do it, that I would teach others how to make money blogging as well. And I will do it using the same $25 viral blogging system that's been making my fellow team members millions of dollars.

Actually one of my fellow team member and friend Tracey bought herself a Maserati about a week and a half ago using this same system. I was so excited I posted a blog about it here.

Anyway I added up the monthly income I'll be making and realized the number was around $77,000. Wow! Not only can you make money blogging part time but it ain't chump change.

How would you like to get paid to write about whatever you want on a high authority site and get top notch marketing training that you can use to build your brand or business. Note that the amount listed above is only the money that I'm making from this blogging system. I've tried to make money blogging before and I don't even think I made a good $3 from my first few attempts. This is why I am so excited about this. The funny thing is... I used to struggle to think what to write about sometimes and now I'm writing 2,3 and 4 times a day because I'm just so pumped up about this opportunity. I come up with so much content that I sometimes have to spread it out over days.

I haven't even mentioned the amazing people I have met. We are so excited about seeing each other succeed. I never thought that I would be a member of a group of motivated, entrepreneurs who not only make money blogging but they love it and we all love each other. I would actually like to invite you to join us on one of our group calls or hangouts. If you're interested email me here.

If you want to make money blogging and live the life of your dreams this is exactly what you've been looking for!
Rellise Daigle is an internet marketer and parenting expert who teaches stay at home moms how to make money online. To learn more about how to make money blogging visit http://rellisedaigle.com/viral-blogging-system-making-80000-part-time-year

Or visit http://makemoneywithrellise.com
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