Unique Original Articles » (How to use the telephone to close prospects into MLSP and your MLM business- close prospects into MLSP and your MLM business using the telephone- using the telephone will help you to close prospects into mlsp and your mlm business)

(How to use the telephone to close prospects into MLSP and your MLM business- close prospects into MLSP and your MLM business using the telephone- using the telephone will help you to close prospects into mlsp and your mlm business)

Author: Ben Martin

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(Today I want to talk to you briefly about what to say to your Prospects when you get them on the phone-In this article I'd like to show you what to say to your prospects on the phone-) (In a previous article I mentioned the benefits of using the telephone and skype in your Network Marketing Business- I have written about the effectiveness of the telephone and skype in your business before-) (There really is no way around it whatever anybody tells you-Don't listen to anybody who tells you that you don't need to call up leads for your business to grow-) (You have to use the phone to close Prospects into your Network Marketing Business-The phone is essential when signing up prospects-) (Once you get them on the phone it really is as simple as asking them intelligent questions- You need to ask your prospect great questions and It's not difficult to do-) (You see the person who does the most talking on the phone tends to think that they are in control of the conversation- Get them to do the talking and they will think that they are directing the conversation-) (In actual fact it is the person asking the questions that controls the conversation- Whoever asks the questions is the one in control-)(By asking questions you get to find out what the obstacles are that your Prospect is facing in their Network Marketing Business- asking questions reveals what your prospects business needs are-) (You also get to steer the conversation in whatever direction you want it to go- By using this method you can channel the conversation in whatever direction you desire-) (What I'm going to do below is give you an example of what I say when I get my Prospects on the phone-coming up is an example of how I speak to my prospects on the phone-)(Remember if your sales funnel already did it's job then this is not a cold call- If you use a good sales funnel then don't worry about calling them because you have already started to build a relationship with them-)(They opted in to your website and left you their number-They passed their contact details to you-) (They obviously want you to call-Thy are waiting for you to pick up the phone and connect.-)(Right here's a bit of roll play on what I actually say.- Here's how I lead the conversation.-)

(Hi is that Tom?- Hey Tom how are you today?-)(I'm getting back to you because yesterday you opted into my website requesting some info on how to Successfully Build an MLM Business.- You opted into my website yesterday requesting some assistance on how to build your mlm.-) (Is now a good time to talk Tom?- Have I caught you at a convenient moment?-) (Have you had chance to review the website?- Did you check out the website?)

(Ok those are my opening lines.- This is how I get the conversation started.-) (Now obviously depending on what my Prospect just said will depend on what happens next.-At this point the conversation could go several ways.-) (If they said that this wasn't a good time to talk then simply give them a couple of options of when you can call back and then follow up again.- If I've called at a bad moment then I give them a select option of times that I can call back at.-) (Do not allow them to dictate to you because you are the Leader and they requested your help.- Take control at this stage because your the leader and they need your help.-) (Notice I use the Prospects name frequently and I asked for permission to proceed further.- Always use the prospects name regularly and show manners by asking permission to proceed.-) (A persons name is the sweetest sound to their own ears so use it frequently.-Everybody loves the sound of their own name.-) (Also by asking if this is a good time to talk, you stop yourself from annoying your Prospect.- Don't annoy them by pressing ahead without checking if the time is suitable to speak.-) (Imagine if you call right in the middle of a dinner that Toms wife spent all day preparing and because you never asked if now was a good time, Tom gets off the phone and his dinner is cold.- If your prospect is right in the middle of doing something then they won't want to talk or listen.-)(If your Prospect gives you permission to proceed then this is what I do next.- Here's where I take it if my prospect gives me the green light.-) (I ask the following question.- I start with the question)

(So Tom, how many MLMS have you been in before and how many are you currently in?- What is your experience in the industry Tom?-)

(This is an open question.-This is not a yes or no question.-) (By that I mean the Prospect cannot answer yes or no.-This gets the conversation flowing.-)(They have to start talking and opening up.- I'm getting them to open up.-)

(How long have you being in the Network Marketing Industry Tom?- So when did you first get into the industry?)

(The answer to this question will tell me about the Prospects experience level.- I'm digging to find out how experienced the prospect is.)(If their new to the Industry then they are going to need my help. If they are experienced then they still need my help- This question helps me to build up a better picture of the prospects needs and of how long they have been struggling for.-)

(Ok you are getting an idea of how I use questions to Lead My Prospect in the direction that I want them to go.- Is this painting a picture of how to steer a conversation for you?)(Below I'll list a few more questions and then I'll show you how I end a conversation.- Heres a couple more questions and then I'll show you how I wrap up.)

(How have your results been up to this point?- What are your current results like?)

(What is your Sponsor or company telling you to do to Generate Leads?- What advice are you receiving from your company in terms of lead generation?)

(What are some of your goals over the next year in your Network Marketing Business?-What goals are you looking to hit this year in your business?)

(What do you think will be required for you to hit those goals?-What is your plan to reach those goals?)

(Tom I believe in giving people a plan that they can follow so here's my plan for you.- If you were on my team, here's the plan I would give to you.)(It's entirely your choice if you follow it however if you decide to take immediate action then I guarantee your problems will be solved and you'll start to move forward in your Network Marketing Business.- This will help you to move forwards in your business if you apply it.)

(Depending on what the Prospect revealed to me during the conversation, I then proceed to give them the best action plan for them.- Once I have heard the prospects response to these questions,I know where to direct them next.)(It might be that they need to join me in MLSP.-sometimes that's straight into MLSP.( It may be that they need to join me in my Network Marketing Business.- If they don't have a business then I share a little about mine with them.)(They may need to do both.- Both of these options may be best for them.)(Ok before the phone goes down this is the last thing I say.- Before I hang up this is what I say.)(This whole conversation has lasted no more than ten minutes maximum.-The conversation should be ten minutes maximum by the time you reach this point.)(Your busy and you want to give your Prospect that impression so don't go having 30 minute conversations.- As a leader you want to give the impression that your time is precious.)

(Tom I have to go now because there's some other Leaders that I'm helping out with a few things and I need to call them up but I'll see you on the inside. Tom I have to make some other calls to a few leaders who I'm helping out but I'll see you on the inside.)

(Right that is in a nutshell how I use the telephone.- That's all there is to it.)(Skype is exactly the same drill.-I follow the same method on skype.)(I actually prefer skype because I get to turn my webcam on and people can see my face.- Skype is my preference because allowing your prospect to see your face helps to build trust.)(It's better when people see your face because they get more of a feel for who you are.- They build a bigger picture of who you are.)(Well that's it for today.- That's all for this article.)(I know this will help but like I always say you have to put it in to practice daily.- This will change your results if you take action.)(Remember, correct teaching + applied learning = massive results.- You really can explode your results.) (There is a better, faster, smarter way to Build Your Network Marketing Business.- Start to use principles and strategies that will build your business at a quicker rate.)
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