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How to choose a from the Can-Am Commander or the Can-Am Roadster

Author: Andrew Ely

The Can-Am Roadster has a revolutionary 3-wheeled stance that alters the chemistry between vehicle and asphalt, leaving riders forever changed by what can only be described as the CAN-AM SPYDER RS ROADSTER – RIDING REINVENTED. There’s nothing ordinary about the way it looks. Or the way it rides for that matter. You press the throttle, it comes to life. You steer, it reacts and adapts. With its Rotax® 990 V-Twin engine and unique, three-wheeled stance, the Can-Am™ Spyder® roadster offers a bold, new way to experience open-road freedom. And it all starts at the end of your driveway where it meets the road.

Complimenting the Can-Am Roadster, the Can-Am Commander models ooze quality with superior fit and finish, stylish bodywork and many unique, well-thought-out features. It’s a complete package: the Commander has the work capabilities of a true utility vehicle, combined with super-powerful engines and suspension, chassis and steering geometry that make it a riot to ride. The Can-Am Commander models feature industry-leading power and fuel mileage, pinpoint handling, rider-focused features and an ergonomically advanced interior that’s built around the driver.

With a pedigree existing for more than five years, the Can-Am Roadster is a global phenomenon, distributed through authorized Can-Am Roadster dealers in over 58 countries. With its unique Y-architecture - two wheels in front, one in back - the Can-Am Roadster is a totally unique way to experience the freedom of open air riding. The stability of the three-wheel design and an automotive-derived BOSCH-engineered vehicle stability system (VSS) that integrates anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control, enables the driver to have an exhilarating open-air experience with unmatched peace-of-mind - be they a power sports veteran or a novice.

Catering for the long-distance rider wanting to sacrifice nothing for comfort and style is the new Can-Am Roadster Limited feature package. It starts with all the luxury features of the Spyder RT-S package, such as premium audio system and adjust-on-the-fly rear air suspension, and adds a handlebar-mounted Garmin Zumo 660 GPS, four custom-fit semi-rigid travel bags and a travel cover. A striking Pearl White colour and specially embroidered seat finish off what is a luxurious factory offering in riding.

Designed and built for roadster sport enthusiasts, Can-Am Commando designers make the styling of the top-of-the-line Can-Am Spyder RS-S even more aggressive. Both metallic colour choices - Alloy Orange and Pure Magnesium - are complemented with a black two-tone colour scheme and a host of black elements, including fenders, carbon-black aluminum components and six-spoke alloy wheels.

Other Can-Am Roadster models feature new color choices, most notably the addition of Viper Red as an option for the Spyder RT-S package. Our designers are constantly working on new colours, trims and accessories that will keep that intense emotional connection people have with the Spyder; it can be seen in the look of the RS-S and elegance of the RT Limited models.' Can-Am say that ‘when you're riding any Spyder roadster model, you can feel the excitement its design generates with people all around the world.

The Can-Am Spyder development team also focused on key refinements. A new calibration for the front shocks on Spyder RT models reduces body roll, adding even more confidence in corners. Revisions to the windshield and deflectors keep RT drivers and passengers cooler in warm conditions without reducing protection. And the hood of Spyder RS roadsters can now be opened with just one hand and the engine running. Every roadster is improved in some way for 2013, with the Can-Am dealers having details of the full range.

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