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What to look for in an extraction canopy or extraction canopies.

Author: Andrew Ely

Picture a commercial kitchen which is a busy place, full of hustle and bustle. Chefs and cooks working on all kinds of foodstuffs, shouting out for orders and ingredients, constantly working against the clock. In this kind of environment, it's hugely important to install the right kind of extraction canopy.

There are many different types of extraction canopy on the market and it's easy to feel swamped when trying to find the right extraction canopies for your commercial kitchen. Why?" you might ask, "Surely I just need an extraction canopy to get rid of unwanted fumes and keep my kitchen clean". Well, there are lots of options available for today's range of extraction canopies and there's more for you to think about.

The standard features on an extraction canopy might include manufacture from .9mm stainless steel, fully welded construction, drip trays and a condensation rail and aluminium baffle filters, but should you be aware of what other options are available?

With commercial kitchens already having the potential to be high-stress environments, there are many considerations to bear in mind. It can be useful to cut down on noise as much as possible. Some extraction canopies will produce far less noise than others, so it's important to bear this in mind when making your choice as you need your staff to be able to hear each other when working.

Other options that need consideration are: should your extraction canopy come complete with aluminium mesh filters? Should they have disposable mesh filters? Would you prefer to have an air supply through the front of the extraction canopies? Should your extraction canopies have recessed incandescent, surface mounted lights or fluorescent lights?

Part of the process that the installation company will need to consider is where your extraction canopy will be installed and where the exits will be, too. You may find some extraction canopies suppliers with 'off the shelf' offerings, but if you really want the best possible extraction canopy for your commercial kitchen, you may want to choose a bespoke supplier; this way, your equipment will be manufactured to suit your exact requirements, including its location and the cooking equipment that the extraction canopies will be required to make fume free.

Once the extraction canopy is installed it’s a good idea to have your canopy cleaned
There are several reasons why you should have your commercial canopies cleaned; there is the potential fire hazard. To comply with your insurance policy and cleaning helps with the performance of your system and to stop the build-from harmful bacteria, mud and grease.

Without a doubt there should also be a service offered by the company that installs your extraction canopy which will be to clean your extraction canopies. This service includes cleaning of all accessible duct work, the fans, filters and extraction canopy, pictures can be taken before and after. You will also receive a duplicate of the pictures along with a valid certificate which should be stored as your insurance company will require a copy.

To discover more about fitting an extraction canopy and extraction canopies visit the Canopy UK website. Andrew Ely has written many articles about the best use of an extraction canopy or extraction canopies which appear on the internet.

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