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Commercial Painting - the easiest way to choose a good company

Author: Andrew Ely

If you are searching for commercial painting and decorating company there are some points that you need to be aware of when making your choice. Length of time trading, client referrals, types of projects undertaken and the professional approach of the company are all important factors in making your choice. A well established company should be able to provide customers with highly qualified and technical tradesmen who will have the support of a professional and motivated management team who will be able to drive through your industrial painting or commercial painting projects.

The choice of a company to work with should be influenced by the wide variety of industrial sectors they have worked in, such as hotel and leisure, retail, education and health, heritage and housing are a few examples. Within these sectors, the company should demonstration experience in working in leisure centres, swimming pools, sports complexes, safari parks, hotels, food preparation areas, sheltered housing schemes and theme parks for example.

Should the company work within the heritage sector, they should pride themselves on the need to complete the industrial painting and commercial painting to a high standard whilst being sympathetic to the buildings unique characteristics to ensure a first class service. Heritage buildings are often listed and have a strict estate specification as well as containing a variety of materials deemed unusable in today’s workplace. The company should thoroughly research the individual building and its specifications and will then be able provide an innovative project plan as well as taking into consideration the needs of the building.

The housing sector requires a specialist company with many years experience, one that works at the higher-end of the property market with a firm commitment to high standards of work. The management team will be used to liaising with interior designers and on-site specialists to ensure all work is carried out to the individual required specification. They should be able to designing and oversee each individual project from beginning through to completion, working closely with a vast array of independent developers

Within the education and health sector, the company offering an industrial painting or commercial painting service should take their responsibilities very seriously and also fully understand the need to complete contracts within budget and on time. They should offer a range of coating systems are designed to be market specific, installing high performance finishes that are able to withstand high traffic areas, repeated cleaning and are very durable.

The coatings should result in a reduction to their client’s cyclical maintenance and refurbishment costs and they will have applied their specialist coatings to such areas as canteens, high traffic areas in schools and hospitals, food preparation areas and sheltered housing schemes.

It is recognised that the retail sector is probably the most competitive of all. Disruption has a cost implication for retailers, so the company chosen should implement an effective project management plan to ensure their teams reach completion with the minimum disruption to trade. Using specialist equipment, use of low impact, high-performance coatings and flexible working hours means refurbishment projects can be completed in a short time scale – without quality being compromised.

Finally, when choosing a company to supply commercial painting and decorating, industrial painting or commercial painting, you should do your homework and check to see whether the company you’re thinking of hiring is a member of the industrial coatings applicator scheme and a sustaining member of the institute of corrosion. This means that they are specialists in steel surface preparation and the application of protective coatings. They should also offer a full independent specification and inspection service to their customers on all industrial projects. This ensures that the right people, equipment and materials are used for the job.

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