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How to make intense Smokey eyes

Author: rockstaraffilliate

Smoky eyes come in many varied hues these days from grays and black, to purple, blues and browns. . It has been said you must use dark and neutral colors, like dark grays or blacks. But not so true in today’s modern world. If you really think about it, smoky eyes are the bedroom eyes of the sirens of yesteryear. The sirens of the past all had a signature look that even you yourself can create. And we all know how seductive the sirens were, they were the stuff of legends.

Your basic smoky eyes require only a few items to create with.
Two eye shadow colors that are in the same family of color. Grays work well with black or another shade of gray. Dark colors are the mainstay, not forgetting you need one color to contrast the other.

You must have eyeliner! Either liquid eyeliner, pencil or just use the dark color eye shadow as eyeliner but eyeliner is a must have. Along with a black mascara and if you want your lashes to be even more adventurous, don’t forget Hollywood’s secret weapon Magic Lash! Works better than false lashes and just easier to work with.
Also remember your basic tools of smoky eye creating, two makeup brushes, one to apply your eye shadows and one to blend/smudge with. A smaller tip makeup brush works great adding depth to your crease as well as applying eye shadow to be used as eyeliner. Q-tips are great to have on hand as well. As well as a eyelash curler to really open your eyes with.

In your 20’s using liquid eyeliner is truly fun to go bold with. Paint a black line above your lashes that flares out and extends upward at the outer corner of your eyes, letting it dry for at least 5 minutes before touching it. During this time of your life smoky eyes can be easily pulled off using this dramatic effect without looking like a freak.

In your 30’s black liquid eyeliner may be too harsh for you. Not counting Angelina Jolie eyes that is. The choice of color eye shadows that are used by her allow her to have the sexiest eyes on the planet!
To really enjoy the truly sexy look of Angelina Jolie, check out her signature bat wing black liquid eyeliner, her expertly arched eyebrows, she often reminds you how truly elegant she is with yet a touch of a rebellious edge. You can learn her tricks for free here.

The major reason why her eyes are such the focus is how she wears a pale, translucent hue that provides an alluring contact to her rich black eyeliner. The look is created in a couple of stages, first liquid eyeliner is applied to the upper lashes only, flaring out at the edge. Then a matte black eyeliner is dotted between her lashes for extra eye definition. Even while pregnant her eyes are to die for!

The rest of us in our 30’s and beyond try using smudgeable pencils as it can be a better answer than liquid eyeliner. Use the color that most matches the dark eye shadow you are using for your smoky eyes. To use pencils in smoky eyes layer your eye shadow over your pencil. The color of choice needs to applied at the base along your lashes. Applying eye shadow over the pencil deepens the color and helps pull the whole look together.

Also with eyeliner don’t use it on the bottom lashes from inner corner on out, start in middle and then wing it out. That doesn’t close off the eyes making them smaller, your want your eyes to look as big as they can and still be smoking!

Just remember that no matter how dark your eyes are, you need to match them with nude lips. Nothing better to steal the spotlight off your eyes then a pair of bright red lips.

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