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Winterise your Seadoo jet ski

Author: Andrew Sutton

With our summer of sport now just a distant memory it’s come to that time of year when you need to winterise your Seadoo jet ski. Seadoo dealers should be able to help you ensure your jet ski is stored correctly so it’s in tip top condition when it comes out to play again next season.

First of all, drain the water from your Seadoo jetski after it comes out of the water for the last time. When on a trailer, the Seadoo jet ski is usually tilted back. Run the engine several times for no more than 30 seconds every time. Then tilt the handle back and forth while it’s running to drain water from the engine.

Seadoo jetskis are pretty easy to clean so use mild soap and water to wash away algae, grime and water stains from the sides, seat and back. It’s crucial that no water is left in the hull of the Seadoo jetski when you’re cleaning. To give it added protective coat and shine use a normal wax on the exterior.

Experienced Seadoo dealers should advise you to fill the gas tank to the top before winter storage. In order to keep the gas clean for next season please ensure that you add stabiliser to the Seadoo jet ski. Again, run the engine in 30 second bursts several times to ensure the stabiliser is mixed through the fuel of the Seadoo jetski before it’s put in storage.

Next you need to remove the Seadoo jetski’s air filter for easy access to the carburetor. Then spray fogging oil in the carburetors and spark plug cylinders while the engine is idling. You need to keep this up until the engine stalls and then replace the air filter.

Seadoo dealers should then advise you to take out the spark plugs. You need to ensure the wires are grounded first though. You can put a rag over each hole and push the start button to disperse the oil. All you have to do then with your Seadoo jet ski is replace the plugs and clean up any excess oil.

Your next step, as Seadoo dealers will advise, is to remove the battery, negative connection first. Always make sure that your Seadoo jetski battery is stored in a warm and clean area. Seadoo jetskis that are stored on trailers could be faced with rotting trailer tires in the winter if you store them on dirt or gravel so make sure they are covered with plastic bags and placed on boards.

To be absolutely sure they remain in good condition take them off the Seadoo jet ski completely and prop your trailer on blocks. Finally, make sure you place steel wool in the exhaust of any Seadoo jetskis to stop animals getting into the engine and setting up home. Now you’re ready to cover and store your ski for the winter.

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