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Data Maintenance Module - DMM for Business Process Management (BPM) for every corporation.

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The Business Process Management (BPM) usually composed of organization charts and process flow diagrams. The process architecture is a key part of the project or business architecture in your company. Each new project such as the implementation of SAP needs to rely greatly need to know about their knowledge domain. This gives up-to-date data that the enterprise can use for analysis. This details view can help you determine which information needs to be updated, read, or deleted. Additional info at Data Maintenance Module - DMM for BPM
The DMM View Designer can help you accomplish this and you don’t need any coding experience to use it properly.
• Use the DMM to keep the Process architecture . If you use Data Maintenance Module - DMM you will minimizeyour risk of making the wrong decisions when it comes to your knowledge. You’ll reduce wrong assessment process, outdated role descriptions and other knowledge.
• You can attain BPM artifacts the processes, locations, organizational units, and knowledge application by assigning access rights on the property level.
• You’ll increase the acceptance of your Business Process Management project as there’s more simplicity and the data is more meaningful and up-to-date.
• You can diminish the complexity of Business Process Architecture as persons will be enhancing the business process architecture and be more collaborative.
• The development and deployment of software will be reduced because the architecture is up-to-date and the software can fit in better with the needs of the business.
• You can increase the portability of the process architecture that has been designed.
• The issues in cost of ownership and new investments are minimized.
• You have an easier exchange and upgrade of the architectural components such as process flows and Orgcharts.
• The process and systems have improved interoperability
• There’s a better return on your investment (ROI) when it comes to system architecture and the existing process.
The end results you get will depend on your BPM - Business Process Management project and the goals you have set out for your company.
You’ll get up-to-date data and you’ll be able to designate user responsibility for the maintenance of the knowledge because the Data Maintenance Module has an easy to use interface. This makes it easier for someone to work with the information and make good use out of it due to the ease of use of the DMM interface.
Additional info and free Evaluation at Data Maintenance Module for BPM
The DMM is built on top of Business Process Management (BPM), i.e. Casewise(TM) Exchange in order to enable role based views to maintain your BPM data.

Additional info at Data Maintenance Module for BPM
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