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Effective High Intensity Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

Author: SteveGHarvey

Hi all,

Not long ago I did an article on eZine entitled "3 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Belly Fat". After a few responses, it occurred to me 'Gee, I didn't really outline much of an exercise program for losing weight". Today, that is what I intend to do. So join me on a journey of effective high intensity workouts that will help even the most hopeless person lose belly fat

High Intensity Workout #1 - Up/Down Style workouts. I mentioned this in the aforementioned article, but let me outline a plan for you in more detail: An up/down workout is a workout that involves the body going from standing to laying position, very rapidly and for very many times during the workout. In the Marine Corps, a workout called "Singin' the Song" is a good example. In this workout, Marines begin by running in place, and then the progression of the workout is this. Running in place --> Pushups --> Running in place --> Crunches --> Jumping Jacks --> Pushups --> Running in place. That is one sequence. For the cardio effect, each workout is only about 20 seconds long, and then you switch on command to the next in the sequence. You do this entire sequence for approximately 10 minutes and then you rest. Seeing the up/down effect? This workout, twice a day each day will show results super fast, guaranteed

High Intensity Workout #2 - speed pushups; in this workout, a person picks out a point of interest (approximately 150 feet away if possible) and sprints to that point. When they arrive, they drop and do 15 pushups (or lady pushups) as FAST AS POSSIBLE. When they are finished, they SPRINT back to the starting point and perform the same drop-->pushup-->sprint routine. Do this for 15 minutes a day and you will shock yourself!

High Intensity Workout #3 - Burpee/Crunch workout. Another Marine workout, the Burpee-Crunch workout is not as difficult as the other two, but is still a fat burning machine. In this workout, a person picks out a small area they can crunch and pushup in first - once done, the person drops and performs 10 burpees (a pushup exercise where a person standing, drops to the pushup position as quickly as possible, pushes up, and then gets back on their feet as fast as possible and JUMPS in the air). Once you have finished 10 burpees, drop and do 20 crunches. Do this sequence back and forth QUICKLY for about 10 minutes. The results will show.

I certainly hope this has helped out! Remember, the #1 key to exercising and weight loss is using your BRAIN! If you have a heart condition, sprinting is probably not for you...likewise with diabetes or other very serious medical ailments. If you have ANY reservations about exercising at ALL, talk to your personal physician first. Best of luck!
About the Author:

Steve G Harvey is a college graduate, a work from home entrepreneur and a happy fellow. He enjoys a good game of billiards and sweetened ice teas. Most of all, he hopes you found this article enlightening!

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