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And Talk About Dive Puerto Galera at Campbell's Beach Resort and Scandi Divers

Author: Melinda Campbell

Diving in Puerto Galera is every diver’s dream dive with its over 300 species of corals which is the one of the largest concentrations of corals in the whole world, and a highly diverse marine life that can only be found here in the Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity.
Diving in Puerto Galera’s underwater paradise is the reason why so many of the international divers who have been here have decided to live here. Puerto Galera is where they dive to live and live to dive. And they love every minute of it.
Not only are the natural wonders of its underwater paradise a big hit, the shipwrecks from the Spanish Galleon trade of the 15th century and the wreck of World War II patrol boat that have gathered corals and have become fish sanctuaries have also been featured in the most exciting parts of every dive. See our website http://www.campbellsbeachresort.com/scuba-diving/dive-sites
Puerto Galera is approximately 100 miles South of Manila and is situated on the northern peninsula of Mindoro Island.
In 2006, a team of international scientists and divers from the Global Marine Species Assessment of the World Conservation Union declared that the Philippines is the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the world and Verde Island Passages as the "Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity".
Booking your vacation and diving at Campbell’s Beach Resort in Big Lalaguna, Puerto Galera and get you more than just diving. It will give you the best dive of your life.
Guests at Campbell’s Beach Resort who are into diving gets a special discount from its sister resort Scandi Divers, here’s the link; http://www.scandidivers.com/.
A study by the University of the Philippines in the 1980s, found that the Batangas and Puerto Galera area has one of the highest diversity of marine species in the world. It forms the centre of the golden triangle - The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia - renowned for their coral and fish species.
Amazingly, the Coral Triangle has 600 species of corals, 1,200 species of finfishes, 700 species of algae, 33 species of mangrove, five out of seven known species of sea turtles, and at least 24 species of crustaceans.
Diving in Puerto Galera, you’ll see more than half of that highly diverse marine life in the Coral Triangle. Puerto Galera diving can get you to see more than half of that highly diverse marine life in the Coral Triangle.
Isn’t that a treat that you deserve?
Campbell’s also arranges your snorkeling, beach tours with dolphin watching as bonus, road trip, a visit to the Tamaraw waterfalls, hiking , kayaing, golf, and sailing. At night, the best party place in town, the Sabang commercial area is just a ten minutes walk away. And when you call it a night, go back to your room at Campbell’s, which is situated at the quiet end of Big Lalaguna Beach, and get your precious sleep, knowing that you’ve had the best day of your life. Or if you’re still up and want to suf the net, Campbell’s Beach Resort has got the strongest WIFI signal in Puerto Galera, keeping you in touch with the rest of the world while you’re vacationing in paradise. And tomorrow will be another adventure like no other. Book your vacation now at http://www.campbellsbeachresort.com/book-now

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