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Data Maintenance Module - DMM for EA

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You need up-to-date knowledge to make the right choices in regards to the approaching enterprise architecture of your business. This is where enterprise architecture comes into play so you can use it to have accurate and updated information.
You can use the DMM or Data Maintenance Module to provide you with different user roles such as IT Manager, Data Owner and Information System Manager. Use the specific views to care for the various data you need. Use these views and make a decision what information or objects need to be read, deleted or updated. You can use the D View-Designer without the need for program and you can do it within a few minutes.

Here are some befits of the DMM:
• Cut down on risk in making wrong decision because of outdated architecture data and keep your EA artifacts up-to-date
• Assign

These advantages will all be determined on your Enterprise Architect objectives and your goals. The main reward is the ability to keep the architecture up-to-date and have the user responsible for the maintenance of the information. This is easy with the simple user interface of DMM.
More Info at Data Maintenance Module for EA
The Data Maintenance Module - DMM is a web application that’s built on top of an extensible repository (Casewise(TM) Exchange). You can use our hosted Data Maintenance Module or you can have one installed in your own environment. The Data Maintenance Module - DMM features dynamic authorization as well as the ability to recognize your Enterprise Architecture - EA. You can launch to build your views right away. The Multi Tennant Environment allows for belter separation of data for your security prerequisites. You get an email notification when changes are made and many browsers are supported as well as some mobile support too. The Data Maintenance Module works with any modeling notation that you enjoy using. You can use the Data Maintenance Module - DMM view designed to design your own Data Maintenance Module view.
The Data Maintenance Module - DMM is built on top of enterprise architecture repository, i.e. Corporate Exchgange from Casewise in order to enable role based views to maintain your architectural data.

More Info at Data Maintenance Module for EA
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