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Vision – The First Step of Life Optimization

Author: mmd

Vision – The First Step of Life Optimization

Many people want to optimize their life. They want to grow and reach the their maximum potential. Unfortunately, many people fail to do so. They just go around and never achieve anything in their life. Or even worse, they don’t know whether or not they have achieved anything !

How can that be ? Why can’t people reach their true potential ?

Vision – The First Step of Life Optimization

Well, I think the very possible answer to that question is because they miss the first step of life optimization, and that is vision, the purpose of their life. Without vision, there is nothing we can do to optimize our life. Why ? Because:
1.Vision shows us the right direction to go to If you are a runner, first of all you must know where the finish line is. The finish line shows you the right direction to run to. You will never win if you run to the wrong direction. In life, vision is the finish line. To become a winner in life, first of all we must know where our finish line is, that is what our vision is. Vision shows us the right direction to run to. Without vision, it is very possible that we push ourselves to the west while we should actually go to the east.
2.Vision gives us a standard to measure our progress with Vision is the base upon which we measure our effectiveness. Without vision, there’s no way we can know whether we are effective or not, whether our life is optimized or not. Why ? Because how far we have optimized our life is always measured by how close we are to our goal, which in this case is vision. How can we know how far we are from the finish line if we never know where the finish line is ? And how can we know that we have reached the finish line if we never know where it is ?

Vision – The First Step of Life Optimization

From the two reasons above I think it’s clear that vision is the essential first step of life optimization. Only after knowing the vision can we think about how to adjust our life to reach our maximum potential. So, before anything else, have a vision.

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