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Watch Your Imagination

Imagination is a very powerful tool. With imagination, great things can happen. One hundred years ago, who would expect that people will go to the moon ? Or who would expect that people throughout the world can connect so seamlessly to each other like today ? Indeed, imagination makes great things happen.

Watch Your Imagination

But unfortunately, the negative effect of imagination is just as powerful. We can ruin our whole life (or even the whole civilization) through wrong imagination. For example, it is the imagination of Hitler that play big role in the World War II with all the miseries it caused. Or maybe not that extreme, but our whole day can vanish through wrong imagination. For example, if you let yourself think negative thoughts, then negative things are very likely to happen throughout the day. Negative imagination also leads to negative behaviour. How can we optimize our life if we have negative imagination in the first place ?

Watch Your Imagination

So it is very important to watch our imagination. Be careful not to let negative imagination come to our life. Instead, let only positive imagination come to our mind. It is very important because whether a person will be a winner or a loser is very much determined by his/her imagination.

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