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Dreams are made of this!!!!!

Author: mmd

Dreams are made of this!!!!!

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Michelle Dorrell's testimonial of Empower Network


This is Michelle Dorrell from

Springfield Missouri,

I just wanted to tell a little about myself. You see I have not always been an Entrepreneur with a" freedom life style". Like almost everyone I had a job and worked for much less pay than I am worth and was living the "slave life style" 9 to 5 punching a time clock and living paycheck to paycheck and had to budget for almost everything. I have had all kinds of jobs and, Worked as everything from a U.S. Marine MP to a dog groomer.

All the wile I knew that there had to be a much better way to get the money I wanted and needed without working for someone else and spending half my life doing something I really did not want to do. So I jumped on the Internet and started looking. I was shocked to find out just how many home based business there are out there. I tried one and worked my butt off and never made any money. Tried another one with a different message and product same thing worked my butt off I mean like 12 hours a day and nothing. I started thinking this was worse than a job longer hours and no pay...

Dreams are made of this!!!!!

Then I saw a video with this guy that looked like a beach bum or homeless guy in it and thought what is this??? This is crazy!!!!! But there was just something about what he was talking about everything he said was just what I was looking for... The money and the freedom the time with family and friends. All the things that I wanted to have and I did not want to wait for it I could have it now. This was unlike other things that I had found on the Internet this guy was not telling me that if I work really hard for like 2 yrs then may be just may be I would make a little money.

No he said just do the daily assignments, follow the core commitments, believe in the message, be willing to empower other people, and make your money to change your life and the life of your family. And you know what happened I did just that and It worked!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreams are made of this!!!!!

So now I have no 9 to 5 job live a free lifestyle and make money... The whole reason that I wanted to tell you my story is just to tell you that this is an awesome way to make a change in your life and the life of your family. To finally have the time and money you have always wanted.

follow the link now watch the whole video now>>>http://www.empower network.com/empower network.php?id=mmdorrell

If you want to know more check out Michelle Dorrell's blog.>>https://www.empowernetwork.com/mmdorrell/?p=438
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