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Poor Me Banner's?

Author: mmd

Poor me Banner's

Written by: My Awesome son
Justin Dorrell?

It is truly amazing to me that women find that all their sorrows are completely caused by men. That they did nothing wrong in the process of their relationship. I just finished reading a post that someone had made on fb and, I'm not going to say who but, it read something like this. "If a girl has a wall up its because it was built brick by brick, lie after lie, heartbreak after heartbreak." As if women never do anything to hurt men, and yes I realize that men are supposed to be macho and not talk about things like this but, I don't mind.

That's because it really just annoys me to no end when women always point the finger at the man in the relationship. This is not to say that men are not the problem. In some of these cases but. that is not the only way it happens. I myself have been screwed over, yes, even by you ladies. It may sound a little conceded but I would not say I'm a bad looking guy, so why would a girl that is with me feel the need to cheat on me behind my back?

Poor Me Banner's?

At least give me the common courtesy to say "hey, this isn't working. I need to move on and find something different." Is that so much to ask for? On top of that, aside from this blog, I myself have never posted anything like this. Blaming the opposite sex for the bull crap that has been placed on me by them. I bet you would be hard pressed to find many men that do that. That is essentially what I'm trying to get at, you may have been screwed over before but don't advertise that its not your fault. That it's the "stupid boy". That's childish and quite frankly its just annoying. Take a little ownership over the mistakes you made in that relationship and grow from it.

The only reason I feel I have the right to say this is because I know and I am willing to say that I messed up in those relationships alongside the women involved. So please if your a women out there reading this do me a favor. Stop being so self centered because we get hurt too. The difference is we don't feel the need to make" poor me" banners and post them on social networks.

My awesome Son Justin Dorrell
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