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My Baby Boy
My Baby Boy

Is the most amazing young man. He is so talented. He plays the guitar and writes his own songs, and sings like he should be on the radio. If I do say so myself, not that I would be bias at all. He is a U.S. Marine on active duty. He has been deployed to afghanistan and seen things most of us only see in out nightmares. Yet he is still the same sweet hearted young man I raised. Just ask one of the 25 girls that routinely chase him. He is very much a redneck. He loves fishing,camping, hunting and any other country boy Hobbie you can think of. And yet he still loves his mommy.

My Baby Boy

I know that my opinion of this young man is very one sided, but that's OK. The funny thing about him is that even after all he has been through in his young life he is and I hope will always be my baby boy. To my knowledge he doesn't get mad at me when I call him my baby boy. In fact sometimes I think that he likes it to some degree. I know what your thinking......yuck this woman is crazy...... maybe I am but that's OK too. Because as long as my boys love me then whatever others think doesn't matter. My two boys are some of my best friends, and the people that I like to hang out with over most other people that I know. I think that my boys are "The Shit", and if you are wondering if they are well...They are!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Baby Boy

Is the apple of my eye, the two of my boys are the best things I have ever done or will ever do. There is nothing I would not do for the two of them. I am so blessed to have the family that I do. Some people said that my husband and I were too hard on them when they were growing up, but it was how we felt we needed to raise them and now we have two young men that any parent would be proud to have. Both of them are up standing young men and a positive part of society. My Baby Boy is the best thing in the world.

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