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New Found Family

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New Found Family

About three years ago I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment with a girl I worked with. I lived with her for a little over 2 years, we will call her little miss thing. I come from a very strict family wasn't really aloud to do much growing up. So when I moved out with little miss thing, I went a little crazy. While living with her I completely slacked on school and started smoking. We went out every night drinking and partying. I started seeing boys that were not what I was looking for in life. And over all just made some bad decisions while living with her. The last place I lived with her in, her boyfriend lived with us. Well they broke up and so we moved out but really had no were else to go. So she thought of her ex fiancé parents the Dorrell's, who took us in while we got up enough money to get our own place.

Mommy and Daddy Dorrell


We started living with Dorrell's I started to hang out with them more and more. They treated me like one of there own and loved me like a daughter. After about six months little miss thing decided she made enough of the Dorrell's and found a new place. One night the Dorrell's sat me down and was talking to me about little miss thing and the way she treated me. She was always putting me down and treating me like trash, which I didn't see. I really didn't think anything of it and we moved out into the new house. I still came over everyday to the Dorrell's to hang out and they asked me how living with little miss thing was going. Little miss thing had just turned 21 and was out every night coming home drunk as can be. I was not happy with this, when we had moved into the Dorrell's I stopped drinking as much and was doing better in school. So one night I came over and the Dorrell's taked to me about this and asked me if I wanted to move in again and I was all over that, I told them yes and started moving the next day.


The Dorrell boys
Once I moved back in I started talking to the Dorrell's two sons. Both are US Marines, the youngest my age is in NC. And their oldest in VA. Those two boys have become my two best friends I know if I ever need to talk I can call either one and they will sit and listen to me no matter what it is and always now how to make me laugh. Justin there youngest being friends with him there is never a moment with out laughter. He also has an amazing singing voice. Arin thier oldest is like me, he is a foody loves to cook and is really good at it. Also is very intelligent, anytime I have a computer problem he's the first I call. I love the Dorrell's dearly they helped be to be a better stronger me and know I'm happy and my life is back on track, and heading for a bright future.

This is written by Jessica Calhoun

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