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Complainers of the world!!!

Author: mmd

??Complainers of the world!!!?

The complainers of the world get on my very last nerve! I look around me every day and hear people complain. They go on and on about how there treated and how nothing ever goes they way they want it to. Well this is what I have to say about that, do something about it. If your life sucks change it. I can tell you this it does not matter how bad you think something is there is someone out there that has things a lot harder than you! Someone that has less than you, and sometimes they have nothing! If you want to change your life then get up and just do it! Don't except the life of your dreams to just land in your lap with no work to get it.

Complainers of the world!!!

Now I know its easier said than done sometimes. But come on no one ever said life was easy. Plus if life was easy how boring would it be. I believe its the things we work for that have the most value. I've gone through a lot of crappy situations in my life and been in some bad spot. And I can tell you that the biggest thing to remember is everything happens for a reason. If you didn't go through those difficult things, you would not be who you are today. We meet the people we are meant to meet. Sometimes the timing is off but, I believe people are brought into our lives to help us become the people we are meant to become.

Its just like relationships I can't tell you how many people have told me "I can't believe I went on a date that person what a waste of time." But think about it, in most of those situations there were some good times, along with the bad. And, it was a learning and growing experience. So it didn't work out but, you can take what you did like and didn't like and try to find that next person that will love you for who you are and, that you can love for who they are.

Complainers of the world!!!

Another group of complainers are the people that tell me they will never live the life they want. What I have to say to them is yep you are right. Now I know that sounds harsh but, if all you can do is spend all your time complaining about what you don't have then you have no time or energy to get the things you want. Like I said I believe the things you work for have the most value not just in a monetary sense but in a spiritually.

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