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So never forget the Marine Corps Mom!

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The Marine Corps Mom

The Marine Corps Mom is one of the most dedicated of mothers. We write to our kids while they are in boot-camp, we send care packages whenever we think that our kids need something or just a touch from home, we stay up to all hours on the phone when we get the rare phone call. Yes, I think its fare to say we are very dedicated to our Marines.

I have been told that being The Marine Corps Mom is one of those jobs that not everyone can do. I have to agree. Just the amount of time that is spent writing letters aka snail mail, emails,text messages, and cards is enough to make some people cringe. The whole thing has nothing to do with us, its all about our kids and there is nothing that the true Marine Corps Mom will not do for our Marines.

The Marine Corps Mom

Is there when they get deployed and when they return

The Two Most Hansom Marines I Known. I don't want you to think that its all hard work with no return. The truth is that there is nothing better than to get one of those all to rare phone calls that when you answer the phone the voice on the other end is one of your wonderful kids. You say "Hello" and they say "Hi, Mom I love and miss you" its enough to make your heart melt into a puddle. I have been a Marine Corps Mom for the last four years and I can tell you it is the hardest job I have ever had, but the best and most satisfying.

So if you happen to know someone that is a Marine Corps Mom, take her to lunch and just let her talk about how proud she is of her Marine. It really means alot just to have someone let us get all musshy over our Marines even when they are 6'4" and 245 like my oldest son. He may be a big bad Marine but, he will always be my baby!

So never forget the Marine Corps Mom!

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