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The modern red neck women

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The modern red neck women

People have a stereotypical idea of what a red neck women is. But, the fact of the matter is the modern red neck women is a complex creature. We aren't the toothless, non showering, trashy clothed women, that people typically think of. In truth we are classy high maintenance women, that like to drink beer , bow hunt,and bass fish. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. We can wear a ballgown to a black tie affair, and the next day wear camo and kill a deer, fillet a fish,or any number of things. We can bate a hook and skin a buck, and yet not let you for get that we are women. Because we are the modern day red neck women.

The red neck women in her element
The real red neck women

Is fiercely protective of her kids, like a mother bear to her cubs. She is loyal to her kin like a horse to their rider. Caring them through the rough times that life has to offer. And all the while still being a loving caring friend, wife, and mother. The real modern red neck women can be your best friend or worse enemy depending on which side of the creek your on. The real red neck women does any and everything to take care of her own even on a moments notice. She will drop everything to lend a hand.

The red neck women

The red neck women is the one that has the cut off jeans, flip flops, and the spray on tan. She will remind you that you are a man, and you will be glad she did. We can get all gussy up and turn ever guys head in the room, but we can look just as good sitting around a camp fire in the moon light with a beer. We can two step, waltz and dosido, we don't need the whole world we just need to be your number one.

Never underestimate the red neck women.If your lucky enough to catch a red neck women hold on like your a bull rider trying to beat the buzzer. Because trying to find a true red neck woman is like trying to find a hens teeth. Just stay true and keep your eyes open and you might be one of the lucky ones that finds a real red neck woman.

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