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Make Your Viral Dreams Come True

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Make Your Viral Dreams Come True

As it becomes easier than ever to produce and distribute online videos, you probably see how the medium can serve as a key marketing tool. And in a guest post at HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog, Eric Guerin explains how to give your DIY efforts the competitive edge:

Start with a plan. Don't approach the project haphazardly—treat it like a traditional marketing campaign, and remember to track your video's effectiveness with tools like TubeMogul.

Hit 'em with your best shot. Says Guerin, "A sales video without a hook … will be watched once and forgotten but a video with a hook that captures the viewers' emotions can get passed on endlessly."

You only get three minutes. The longer your video lasts, the less viral it becomes. Guerin recommends a target length of between one and three minutes for maximum effectiveness. "If you have a ton of ideas," he says, "make a series of short videos instead of one long one."

Make Your Viral Dreams Come True

Strut your stuff. A catchy title and description will encourage numerous views, as will accurate "tags"—the keywords viewers and search engines use to find content.

Toot your own horn. Plug your video in blog posts, online campaigns and even in your email signature. Also, establish a presence in online communities. "Blogs, social networking sites and video sharing sites are where consumers spend a majority of their time online," notes Guerin, "and where the greatest opportunity for online engagement exists."

Make Your Viral Dreams Come True

The Po!nt: There's no such thing as a perfect formula for viral success—but following advice like this can greatly increase your chances.

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