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How to Build Email Lists With Social Media

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How to Build Email Lists With Social Media

Using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to grow your email list might be a task that's easier said than done."[E]ven your most dedicated fans and followers will likely not read many of your [tweets]," Chris Watland warns us in an article at MarketingProfs. "The chronological layout of Twitter timelines, coupled with the sheer volume of tweets many users receive, makes it almost inevitable that your followers will miss some of your tweets." Facebook's algorithm, meanwhile, removes content that isn't consistently interesting from a fan's newsfeed.

So, can you successfully boost email subscriptions through social media? Watland says yes—and offers a few tips like these:

Use special offers to attract more fans and followers. Broaden your potential audience by promoting your social media presence—both at your website and in your stores. Entice prospective fans and followers with exclusive discounts and content.

How to Build Email Lists With Social Media

Convert fans and followers into subscribers. "Dedicate a permanent tab on your Facebook account to a Web form that people can complete to join your email [list], and tweet a link to your form on Twitter," he suggests. Again, incentives will serve you well: Fast-food chain Culver's tempts new subscribers with a free meal.

Run a sweepstakes or other social promotion. If a prize is tempting enough, many people will give you their email address as a fair exchange. Memphis Car Audio grew its email list by 93,000 when it gave away a trip for two to the Brazilian premiere of "Fast Five."

The Po!nt: Tweets and faces aren't everything. With the right creative initiative, you can forge deeper relationships with fans and followers—and turn them into loyal subscribers.

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