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How to Keep the Subscribers You Already Have

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How to Keep the Subscribers You Already Have

The growth of a substantial email list doesn't just happen; it takes time, energy and money. But all that effort goes to waste if your campaigns don't continually engage hard-won subscribers. A focus on creating engaging copy not only helps subscribers stay interested in what you have to say, "it also helps in the deliverability of your message," notes Kestrel Lemen in a post at the Bronto blog.

To keep your subscribers "opening, reading, clicking through and converting" consider Lemen's advice like this:

Tell them what to expect. Use registration pages and confirmation messages to provide an overview of your program. That way, subscribers will understand how the email you send—whether discounts, newsletters or helpful tips—fits into the larger framework of engagement.

How to Keep the Subscribers You Already Have

Fulfill the expectations you set. "If you said you were going to send bi-weekly messages, have that system set in place and make sure you stick to it," says Lemen. "If you said you would send a b-day discount then you need to send one." No one feels very engaged when anticipated engagement doesn't happen.

Send relevant content. You don't want to overwhelm new registrants by requesting too much personal information, but use what you know to tailor campaigns to gender, location, age and buying habits. The more you target the content you send, the more you engage your subscriber.

Use transactional email as engagement opportunities. Email messages like post-purchase thank-you's and gift reminders provide you with a good reason to make the one-on-one contact subscribers appreciate.

The Po!nt: They like to feel they know you. If you follow the rules of engagement, you'll continuously earn the right to keep a subscriber's name on your email list.

Source: Bronto.

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