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The Importance of Variety in Email Campaigns

Author: mmd

The Importance of Variety in Email Campaigns

Have your email campaigns gotten into a rut?

When you bombard subscribers with the same basic message over and over again, your offers start to lose their power—even when they herald the tantalizing discounts and free shipping that customers typically crave.

Consider the case of one hapless retailer, which sent Brendan Regan this series of breathlessly subject-lined messages in a brief, six-day time-span:
?WOW – Extra 25% Off Coupon Code SITE WIDE Fall Super Sale (+Free Shipping)
?Get Your BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS – Extra 25% Off Coupon Code SITE WIDE Fall Super Sale (+Free Shipping)?

The Importance of Variety in Email Campaigns

Writing at the FutureNow blog, Regan offers this critique of the campaign strategy:

You devalue an offer when you offer it every other day. "[I]f you keep sending me the same 'super' offer, I'm going to start to think that it's not all that super," he says. "Plus, you've now got me trained that I don't have to buy today; I can buy whenever I want because you'll always give me 25% off and free shipping."

Your most ardent customers might want email this frequently, but it will likely annoy everyone else. Are you sending these messages to people who are ready to buy today, the day after tomorrow, and then—perhaps—once more later this week? If not, ease up on the frequency.

You won't reap benefits from persistent hyperbole. Words like "wow" and the heavy use of all-caps become ineffective when they're the norm, and make recipients feel like you're shouting at them.

The Po!nt: Easy, now. Don't be the retailer who repeatedly yells the same thing into your subscriber's inbox; rather, speak to them in a continuously relevant way.

Source: FutureNow.

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