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Four Tips for Mobile Email Design

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Four Tips for Mobile Email Design

"Designing emails that look great no matter where they're read can be quite the challenge," writes Justine Jordan at the Litmus blog. "As more people read email on mobile devices, chances are your recipient might view your email ... on a mobile phone as well as on their desktop."

To help you create mobile-friendly campaigns, the Litmus team designed an in-depth infographic to highlight a number of do's and don'ts. Here are a few key takeaways:

Use a large font size. Mobile readability requires larger fonts than those used in email for desktop consumption. An iPhone's iOS, the Litmus team note, will automatically adjust any font to its minimum 13-point standard. And they recommend an even-larger 14-point minimum for body copy, along with a 22-point minimum for headlines.

Four Tips for Mobile Email Design

Keep things simple. A streamlined screen makes it easy for a mobile user to do what he or she wants to do. So resist the urge to load your screen with complex navigation bars, social sharing buttons and calls to action. Also consider single-column layouts that de-clutter small screens.

Choose palettes carefully. White text on a gray background might look elegant on a desktop monitor; but in the battery-drained, low-contrast atmosphere of a mobile device, it could be virtually impossible to read.

Consider ergonomics. Since most of us operate smartphones with a single hand, place important navigation and social sharing buttons within easy reach of a user's thumb.

The Po!nt: Watch how you say it. By observing how your email messages render on a range of screens, you can make it easier for subscribers to engage with you—even when they're waiting in line at the bank.

Source: Litmus.

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