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The Art of Kissing

Author: Looj

It's much more simple and organic than you may think. Your mindset has as much to do with great kissing as your mouth does i.e. Don't rush! If you've been with a crappy kisser, you'll know precisely what I'm trying to say. And if you're worried you could be ( or aren't even aware you are ) a tongue-darting, face-sucking, throat-prober, I'm only able to hope you are listening.

First, while seemingly plain, ensure you have fresh breath. If you don't,then go get it. No one enjoys any type of annoying smell following from their kissing partner's lips - not smoke, leftover wine or alcohol, coffee breath, etc.. It isn't sweet, and it's not a turn-on. I keep breath drops in my pocket for a quick refresher anytime.

Now for the really cool stuff! Lean in slowly, you don't want to smash a tooth or slam into any other facial parts. It's ungainly and too easily evaded. No rigidity heregraze your relaxed lips softly against your partner's barely touching initially then adding pressure as the kiss deepens. Take some time with this part do not simply force your tongue into their mouth. It's the buildup that teases and excites, while you get an understanding of how you kiss together. Barely part your lips and softly slide your tongue over and just past their lips 'til you meet their tongue. Here it's crucial to keep it moist, but not slovenly wet - you're not kissing your dog. Mess around with this. Again, softly, sensually, slowly at first. You can build up to any pace you want as you get into a sort of kissing groove with one another.

Use your hands! Kissing involves the entire body and if you're doing it well, you'll feel it all over, listen to me. Hold your partner's face in your hands. Glide your fingertips through their hair then down the back of their neck. Lean your torsos into one another. Depending on what you both like and make a response to, this touch can be softer or a little firmer, but always pay attention to how your companion reacts to what you're doing. That's your best gauge of their pleasure level. Also, let them lead you in a different direction if there's another methodology they want to try. This needs a give and a take, after all. Be open-minded as you'll discover something new and thoroughly enjoyable.

We are rather more than our lips. Don't neglect the ears and neck. I reassert, always begin with soft lips and a restrained tongue. Just grazing your mouth over your partner's ear and softly chewing on their earlobe could drive them mad. Do not accept me? Ask your companion to experiment on you.

Remember these 4 things and you need to become a stellar kisser in virtually no time : One. You are in this together 2. Steady before deep and digging 3. Kissing is an awesome way to begin to start to know each other and develop a deeper level of intimacy 4. It is a beautiful prelude of more to come.
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