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Real Opportunity to Work From Home

Author: Troy Wilkins

The USHWF is trying to find peopleto market big name products and get
paid $20/lead. There will be no calling or selling anything Simply paste the ads and when people try
the product, you get paid. This will require no more than 4 hours per day and while it is
possible to make a living with the US Home Work Force, most people choose to only work a few
hours a week. If you are interested in making a full-time income, you should be working a minimum of 4-
8 hours a day, placing ads where we tell you to place ads. The ratio that I have experience is 2 signups
for every 150 page views. Most people are averaging 400-600 page views a day after 4-8 hours of
posting ads and some up to 1000 per day. If you would like more information, please
click here .

How does it work? Simple. Due to things like the internet and the DVR, satellite radio, etc.
People are skipping through TV ads and radio ads. On the internet, people have popup blockers
and banner blockers now, so, the companies are literally throwing their money away.

For a company like Microsoft they designate a huge portion of funds towards advertising. This
amount is millions upon millions of dollars each year. For this reason, companies have switched
tactics and are utilizing businesses like The US Home Work Force to advertise their product.

For more information, please visit my website at Aguilar Jr.US .you can also email me
at armando@aguilarjr.us or call at 661-829-3191. You can start working immediately.

*Note: The average person brings in 5 leads per day.

**Note: It is possible to make $80 per lead, but this requires more work for both you and
your lead. For this reason, please start with $20 per lead.

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