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Setting up Boundaries in Relationships

Author: Hugh

There are at least three different categories of limits : physical, emotional, and non secular. The easiest to realise is the physical boundary, as we experience this one literally on a daily basis. Think of this has if someone is standing too close, and how this makes you recoil within slightly. If you were to apply this to a relationship or someone you could be dating it could take place in terms of a forced physical intimate contact before you are prepared. Regularly when these at first happen we get a discomforting feeling, it could be a trouble breathing, a feeling of being violated, or something like a sinking feeling in your stomach. These are all signs our bounds are working, and we want to be aware of them.

Emotional boundaries can impact us in every day life also. These typically occur in circumstances where we all know the other person. This may be something similar to a co-worker making an emotional appeal for you to by trash bags for their child for fund raising. This can be our potential dating partner attempting to force emotional intimacy through exposing too much about themselves, or asking us to do the same for them. A violation of an emotional boundary might be a potential mate attempting to secure a commitment in a functioning relationship before we are ready. Once again if we feel uncomfortable when these things occur, it's the time to pay attention, and ask ourselves what's making us feel this way.

Non secular boundary violations can be terribly disastrous. A very easy example of this might be when a kid seeks approval from a parent for something that they have done, and then that kid is met up with feedback. These violations have a tendency to run deeper than an emotional one since they feel a bit like an attack on us. This should be a partner making a very harsh comment, or if someone is putting some other person down and making you feel uncomfortable. When these misdemeanours occur you must take note, other folks shouldn't lead you to feel bad, and attacks on the spirit can be tough to get over.
When your boundaries are violated, you often have a negative reaction and my not know why.

Finding out about where your personal limits are is an excellent way to set expectations in a committed relationship, and find out about yourself. There isn't any better time for you to do that than before a relationship starts, or in start of a relationship. Re-setting your boundaries in older relationships is possible nonetheless it will come with a longer restructuring period. Take a bit of time to determine what your personal expectations are, so you are always comfortable in your relations.
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