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Relationship Advice : Safe Dating

Author: Gill

If you and your date aren't extraordinarily acquainted with one another, tell the individual you'll meet him or her at the arranged location. Provide your own transportation so that you are free to leave if it becomes necessary. If you don't own an auto, have someone you trust drop you off and be freely available or "on call" to pick you up if things turn bad.

It's also best to avoid being utterly alone or being in a secluded place with somebody you don't know well. First of all, you are both sure to be more scared, which should keep either one of you from enjoying the date. As significantly, you could be risking your safety or reputation. For women, you might be setting yourself up for an attack. For men, you might be setting yourself up for an indictment.

It simply makes good sense to go out with a group till you begin to know the other person well. If this isn't possible, meet somewhere public where there are lots of folks around.

Next, don't let any person talk you into anything you are uncomfortable doing. This applies to sexual activity as well as going to places you choose not to go. For example, do not let someone talk you into going to a rough club or a sexually unrestrained motion picture if it makes you uncomfortable. Suggest something else instead. You don't owe the other person a thing, simply because he or she took you out.

Your date should respect what you wish for. If someone insists on pressuring you to do things you would prefer not to do, you need to leave. Just be glad that you found out early the person cares more about their own egotistical desires than about you, and move on.

Never be nervous about making a scene if it becomes necessary. If your date is threatening you, hurting you, or alternatively making you uncomfortable, talk loudly and bluntly, to focus attention on the behavior. With others watching, she is probably going to leave, or at the least, back off. Soon after, you should leave so that the person doesn't change their mind and come back. Just make sure you've got an escort to your automobile or someone waits with you till your ride shows up.

If you want help, do not be embarrassed to call for security or telephone somebody you trust to come and get you. Things can get out of control before you know it, particularly if alcohol is concerned. If your date becomes aggressive or aggressive, or is drunk and makes an attempt to drive, call for help immediately. It is much better to be safe than regretful.
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