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No Mega Millions, What About A Unclaimed Money Search?

Author: Cory Porter

This isn't cash that someone else has misplaced. This is essentially money that you've lost and now you have to find it. This internet secret allows you to find unclaimed money that may be from a safety deposit box you've forgotten about, or bank accounts you figured you didn't have any funds in that might now be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to compounding interest.

Do I have your attention, yet? I thought I might. This online secret allows you to put on an unclaimed money search that may turn up hundreds you did not know were owed to you because of uncashed utility deposit checks or even paychecks from a previous employer. Most of these unclaimed money searches find unclaimed money due to people forgetting to update their prior addresses when they move. Which ends up with checks getting misplaced by mail and are sent back to the Government entity or company that sent it out in the first place. Then, if the individual does not come forward after a certain amount of time, this money is then delivered to a Government account where it just sits there.

How much could there really be? Get this, there are billions of dollars just sitting there collecting dust. As a matter of fact, they say that nine out of ten people, roughly, will be able to find unclaimed money with an unclaimed money search. It's good to know there's a little online secret which allows you to do just that. This online secret is called Cash Unclaimed. With Cash Unclaimed, your given the ability to conduct an unclaimed money search for all 50 states and most Government Treasury accounts until you discover unclaimed money that may have coming to you. They allow for a free search to find unclaimed money and the service can even help you recoup the funds if any is found.

It's a shame there aren't any hints for the Mega Millions lottery, huh? What if I told you there are hints to help you find unclaimed money? You would be interested, right? It just so happens there is an article that discusses hints to help you find unclaimed money. It might be just what you have been searching for.
To find out more about unclaimed money searches or to put on your own treasure hunt to find unclaimed money you can check out www.articlesbase.com/sales-articles/effortless-tips-for-finding-unclaimed-money-4668660.html for those tips.
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