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Meade LS-8 SC - Overcoming Alignment Issues - It Is Illustrious

Author: Stuart Brockhouse

In spite of numerous advanced factors, astro-watchers continue to find it testing to focus on their coveted night sky objects. One factor that is advertised to help with such problems is the 'Go To' feature, which is quite handy; however, there are circumstances when users end up frustrated after several unsuccessful attempts to focus on a particular object. It is here that the Meade LS-8 SC comes to the assistance.

It is not unusual to find yourself struggling to focus on a certain object. Even the advanced features assured by many telescopes would be of little help, if you are an amateur or beginner, as these options require several inputs such as date, time, latitude, etc to help gain the focus you are looking for. And besides this, you also must know the names of the alignment stars. Occasionally, it is something as miniscule as a tree or a house that hinders your purview of an alignment star! This is where the simple and portable Meade LS-8 SC comes to your help, by helping you to achieve your focus while you sit and relax for an awe-inspiring evening of astro-viewing.

null The LightSwitch technology is one of the most essential components of the Meade LS-8 SC. This technology is what helps the Meade LS-8 SC to identify its location on Earth by making use of the in-built Integrated Sensor Module (ISM) that links with overhead satellites using the Global Positioning System (GPS). In other words, you do not have to know your accurate latitude or longitude to get the telescope to focus. And once the location is identified, the time will also be identified. Your telescope now creates a real-time sky map based on the time and location distinguished, by further utilizing the LNT or Level North Technology to discover the two alignment stars.

However, this is just one of the several benefits presented by the Meade LS-8 SC. It consists of several other distinctive features. It is a magnificent experience being able to view amazing sky objects, and it is a more elating experience to understand the facts regarding that object such as the distance, the temperature, the speed of that object. And this is made doable thanks to the Astronomer Inside feature of the Meade LS-8 SC. This feature does not cease with just some extra information, it gives an audio-visual treat of many night sky objects, and all at your fingertips. The scope also includes in-built speakers and video-out jacks in case you are looking to engaging in the night-sky tour with friends and family.

Further, an in-built ECLIPS CCD camera is also integrated with this Meade LS-8 SC. Now users can view the night sky with least noise, highest resolution and the most bright colors, thanks to this camera. These images can also be acquired using the telescope's video output function. Moreover, you can utilize SD cards to collect these images, which simply means you can alter or share these images at some subsequent point of time. This also signifies your Meade LS-8 SC can enable you to capture images with timed exposure, so that you are really able to see images that are usually too dim for the human eye.

So, this Meade telescope has almost all the features of tomorrow that you have been looking forward to. This signifies you have tomorrow's technology at your disposal today, and this ensures the best astro-viewing experience ever. What better way to enjoy your astro-adventures?
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