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Makita LXT218 – An Hot Choice For 2-Piece Cordless Combo Kit.

Author: Stuart Brockhouse

Makita lxt218 is a superb 18 volts, 2 piece cordless combo kit. It has a ½ inch cable-less Hammer Drill cum Driver along with a ¼ inch cable-less Impact Driver. There is a pair of Lithium-Ion batteries which have a improved life, bundled with LX218. The batteries drain lesser by 5 times as their self discharge rate is critically lower than any other batteries. The Makita LXT218 review below will consolidate some of the excellent features of this superb kit.

Makita LXT218 is a wonderful combo kit in all respects of sturdiness, life and efficiency. Its terrific charger fully charges fully drained batteries in just 30 minutes. The Makita LXT218 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit has a Hammer Drill-Driver that has a superior motor which can generate a torque upto 560 inch pound. There are 16 settings available in its torque. A right blend of ergonomics has been applied to creation its grip so softly that it absorbs all type of vibrations at the time of working of machine. That prevents from arm fatigue also. The Makita LXT218 is a great 2-Piece Cordless Combo Kit.

The torque of the impact driver in Makita lxt218 can go upto as high as 1330 in. lbs. and has a 4 pole motor. This is a compact tool which is 5 ¾ inch in length and its overall weight is just 3.3 lbs which really is very less. That way it becomes quite handy to carry it along anywhere without fear of any fatigue. The LED lights which are in built have a special purpose of providing light in the area of operation so as to increase efficiency and decrease any risk of accident. All functionalities mentioned above prove it to be a brilliant machine incomparable to any other machine in respect to features or efficency.

Makita LXT218 price is quite competitive and if its price is compared to its features, the value for money is excellent in this case. Makita has built up a class of its own in terms of quality and productivity in the entire world. It has increased its range of products substantially so as to cater to industry needs. Its Li-ion batteries have a higher power to sustain energy and thereby higher efficiency at the time of its working. The Makita LXT218 charger has an approval from U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as it has got a label of Energy Star denoting its compliance with the higher standard for energy efficiency set by these two national agencies. I just Adore the The Makita LXT218 it is rightly awesome!
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