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Makita LXT218 – An Cool Choice For 2-Piece Cordless Combo Kit.

Author: Stuart Brockhouse

Makita lxt218 is a brilliant 18 volts, 2 piece cordless combo kit which comes with distinctive ½ inch cable-less Hammer Drill cum Driver along with a ¼ inch cable-less Impact Driver. Both of them works with the assistance of Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery which are improved durable. Its battery has 1/5th of rate of self discharge as compared to any normal rechargeable battery. The following Makita LXT218 review is written to facilitate you knowing some of its good properties.

Makita LXT218 is ideally utter with its operation, strength and its sturdiness. Its battery charger takes just 30 minutes to charge its fully drained batteries to its fullest. There is a very nice and strong motor of the Hammer Drill cum Driver of the Makita LXT218 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit having ability to deliver more than 560 inch pounds of torque. There are 16 settings achievable for its torque. It comes with an ergonomically designed soft grip so that there will be no vibrations during operations. Arm fatigue can definitely be reduced as well due to this particular aspect.

The 4 pole motor of impact driver of the Makita lxt218 generates a uttermost of 1330 inches pounds of torque. Its compact size which is merely 5 ¾ inch in length is a very lightweight having just 3.3 lbs. of weight. Due to small in size and lightweight it is easier to carry it with you without and risk of getting tired or fatigue. Its LED that is built-in has a distinctive task of illuminating the work area thereby making one more effective without any risk of accident. All attributes discussed above make it as a class apart with no comparison to any other machine.

The good features and other similar product's price in the market proves Makita LXT218 price very genuine. Makita has built up a class of its own in terms of quality and productivity in the total world. It has increased its range of products substantially so as to cater to industry needs. The Lithium-Ion battery includes complete energy which can undoubtedly work for more hours providing improved efficiency. An approved label of Energy Star from U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proves that the Makita LXT218 has set stringent quality standards to comply to these two agencies' guidelines.
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