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The most striking and Out of the ordinary Features of The Bosch GSR 18 – provides strength with safety its Eminent

Author: Stuart Brockhouse

The Bosch Company that manufactures Bosch gsr 18 is a well established market leader that focus on innovation in the power tool segment to facilitate the customers by offering them "do it yourself tools". The company sells a wide range of power equipments which includes tools such as drillers, angle grinders, saws, garden tools etc and their accessories to aid their customers with perfection of work.

Bosch GSR 18-2 is a versatile drill/driver with many amazing capabilities. This industrial device can adeptly perform the functions like deep cuts in wood and large holes in metal. It can be utilized efficiently in stonework drilling and other building applications.

The technical description of Bosch GSR 18 can be given as:

- It has easy to hold handle to achieve maximum torque up to 45Nm.

- The strength and power can be showed by 2 speed multi purpose gearbox.The multi purpose gearbox has ideal coordination of motor.

- To get utmost performance, Li ion batteries are being used.

- The Electronic Motor Protection system averts the burning of motor and extends its life.

Bosch GSR 18 ve-2 has a battery life time of 400% because it is using 2.6 Ah Li-ion Premium batteries which provides zero memory upshot. The design of Bosch GSR 18 battery helps in preventing loss of energy having least resistance. In addition, the life of batteries is augmented by avoidance from overheating by the system of Electronic Cell Protection which also decreases its power discharge. The battery force yield is being improved by the motor and gear harmonization. The lithium ion batteries are firstly used by the innovative market leader named Bosch in section of power tools.

The physical features of Bosch gsr 18 other than technical ones, can be described as follows:

- The ergonomic design with soft grip makes work easy for the user.

- There isn't any kind of vibration in the device, and is provided with maximum control and increased comfort.

- There isn't any kind of plug hassles in Bosch GSR 18 due to its quality of being cordless.

- It has LED lights which work in the dark in order to keep the precision level constant irrespective of changes in light.

- Due to dura–shield coating it can maintain functionality even on heights.The screwdriver Bosch GSR 18 will remain undamaged even after falling from 2 metres.

- The one handed tool changing is effectively done due to the presence of auto lock. The lock-on switch and option of 2 speeds added as well.

The forward and rotational reversal modes of Bosch GSR 18 can conveniently take out or insert screws. The dust extraction system of this device helps in working efficiently. Inspite of its modern technology it proved itself as an easy to use product which makes drilling/driving trouble free.
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