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Different attributes of This good Bosch GSR 18

Author: Stuart Brockhouse

Bosch gsr 18 is a famous product of Bosch group which has become market leader by concentrating on development in technology and offering 'do it your self tools'. The power devices sold by the Bosch group in extensive range having work perfection are drillers, saws, angle grinders and garden tools together with their accessories.

The remarkable facilities are being provided by this multi purpose driver. The need of making broad holes in metal and deep cuts in wood is fulfilled by this piece of engineering. The drilling of stone work and other applications can be worked out effectively by this tool.

Bosch GSR 18 provides the following technical data :

- It has torque up to 45 Nm and a lever which can be gripped easily to achieve it:

- For multi purpose power operation there is a 2 speed gear box.These Gears has perfect coordination with motor.

- It uses the 2.6 Ah Li ion Premium batteries which maximizes performance.

- For improving life of motor and to prevent motor burning, there is a system of Electronic Motor Protection in this device.

GSR 18 ve – 2 comes with 2.6 Ah of lithium ion batteries having zero memory effect and 400 % prolonged life time. The battery of the Bosch GSR 18 is designed in such a way that it has minimum resistance which helps in preventing energy losses. Also,the battery can be protected from overheating by this technology of Electronic cell Protection which maximizes its life. The efficiency of the coordination between the motor and gears enhances the energy yield of the battery. Among power tool section, Bosch being a leader of market has become a pioneer for using Lithium ion batteries. This Bosch drill/driver is truthfully a powerful drill / driver.

The physical attributes of Bosch gsr 18 other than technical ones, can be described as follows:

- It has a soft grip which is designed ergonomically to facilitate the user.

- In this device enhanced handiness with maximum control is offered without any kind of vibration.

- There isn't any kind of plug hassles in Bosch GSR 18 due to its quality of being battery-operated.

- The LED light of this device helped in darker areas for the purpose of visibility and precision.

- Due to dura–shield coating it can maintain functionality even on heights.The screwdriver Bosch GSR 18 will stay unbroken even after falling from 2 metres.

- The one handed instrument changing is successfully done due to the presence of auto lock. The lock-on switch and option of 2 speeds added as well.

The screws can be removed or inserted by comfort due to the Bosch GSR 18 rotation mode of forward and turnaround. The dust protection provided in this planetary gear improves its working. Thus, the experience of this fantastic high-tech technology makes the work of driving/drilling easier for the user.
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