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The Girl Who played with fire

Author: Alan Desai

The Girl Who Played With Fire 750

Mikael Blomkvist, , is approached by Dag Svensson, who is a bright man who wants to expose human trafficking in Sweden by high-ranking people. Blomkvist almost immediately dives headlong into the investigation, planning to run his story in an next copy of Millennium Magazine. However, shortly before the printing of the story, Svensson and his girlfriend Mia Johansson are shot dead in their small apartment. Lisbeth Salander is the prime suspect in the murder when the police discover the the gun used in the murder has her prints on it. The next day, Nils Bjurman her old guardian, is found shot in his bedroom, killed with the same gun. Salander finds a connection between Bjurman and a man named Alexander Zalachenko, and breaks into her ex-guardians home to read his files on her. What she does next is she hacks Kalle's computer. She tells Blomvkist that she did not do it and gives him proof. Blomkvist tries to give the evidence to the cops for proof, but they don;'t buy it. Lisbeth has moved out of her old apartment which she gave to a friend. While she is hiding Alexzander finds her and shoots Lisbeth in the hip, shoulder and head with a .22, which is a very weak gun that doesn't kill her. His son buries her alive, but she digs herself out and again attempts to kill him with an axe. Blomvkist, who had done research, along with Lisbeth's computer hacking skills, arrives in time to attend to Lisbeth and call the police. It's revealed the Alex's son was the killer of Bjurman, Svensson and Mia, and a search is put out for him since he fled the scene once Lisbeth tried to murder Alexwith the axe.

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