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Is Neobux a Scam or is it a Real Resource to Earn Residual Income?

Author: Wayne Goodwin

If you are in luck, you have come to this article because you have questions about Neobux. You want to know if it is safe to become a member and generate money from. Your most important question might be whether or not there is a Neobux scam.

So, a Neobux Scam, or an easy way to make some extra income online?
Why don't we look closer?
The topic that most users are concerned aboutis the Referral Rental System, which offers the opportunity to pay a small fee in order to rent referrals for a set period of time. A fair number of users who have been unable to make money have accused Neobux of creating robot accounts that may end up rented to users that buy rented referral packages.
This concern raises an understandable inquiry: Is Neobux a Scam?Let us examine some of the Ups and Downs of the Neobux PTC website.

Concerns about a Possible Neobux Scam.
• The admin could be selling bots as rented referrals in place of actual active accounts. If this is accurate, it may possibly be the cause of members of Neobux accruing rented referrals who could stop clicking and fail to bring in income.

• Concerns are that Neobux posts Clickbank advertisements that only the admin is profiting from, and has only kept those displayed so as to create the impression of real ads.This may point towards the fact that the only income Neobux is generating is produced from referral purchases and membership purchases.

So what are the Advantages of Becoming a NeoBux Affiliate?
• It is a Paid to Click site that has millions of users everywhere in the world.

• Instant payments are available through PayPal, Netteller, and AlertPay.

• It has numerous membership packages ranging from free membership, to higher packages such as the Golden and Ultimate. (The lowest at $90 per year and the largest at $890/year)

• Neobux has been up and running for over three years with few downtimes and almost no instances which caused the site to be inaccessible for a long period of time. This is a huge plus in the world of PTC where DDOS attacks are commonplace and problematic.

• The website script is excellent with few known bugs, and awesome management charts. The admin and mods are extremely friendly, and there have been no complaints in onsite or offsite forums about a lack of help from them.

• If you have a sizable direct referral collection, you have the possibility of earning a VERY significant residual income from Neobux. Despite concerns of referral BOTS, with a smart management action plan you may profit more with referral rentals.

There is definitely an opportunity to make money. What about the accusations mentioned earlier? Is Neobux a scam or not?
Even if some of the referrals available for rent were bots, with millions of users, you are still guaranteed to receive many real accounts when you purchase a referral pack. There are lots and lots of people joining Neobux everyday who do not have anyone referring them, and those members are automatically added to the list of accounts that can be purchased as a rented referral.
As with any investment opportunity, there is research that you will need to do in order to ensure that you make intelligent choices with your money, and in this instance you are advised to learn how to manage your rented referrals without sinking money into them month after month with no gain. It is entirely possible to generate all of the money you need to buy referrals directly from your Neobux ad clicking in place of using your own money. With a well thought out referral management strategy, you can quickly earn a significant daily income from your referrals' activities.
And for those who may think it is actually a Neobux scam, with the site admin just attempting to sell the rented referral "bots," keep in mind that you are never required to spend money for membership, and you are not required to purchase referrals. You can bring in income as a totally free patron of Neobux. The rented referral bank is in place for members who want to succeed in gaining referrals quicker. If you are unable to acquire direct referrals and you are able to manage your rented referrals successfully, it can be a simple method to increase your income at an accelerated rate. So if you do not believe that you are able to manage the rented referrals, you are able to just avoid renting and just consider it as a normal PTC website by finding direct referrals.
In review, there is no Neobux Scam.
Though you will not get rick overnight, Neobux can help even a penniless person make money online with little effort.

You can join Neobux HERE, or by clicking any banner on the page. If you want to pick up an affordable guide to Neobux strategies, you can pick one up by clicking Neobux Scam article, click the link to check it out.

Now that you know there is no Neobux Scam, you know Neobux can be a great way to earn income online if you know how to get direct referrals. To learn how to grow Neobux, or any online business with Internet Marketing, check out Empower Network.
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