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Is it a Neobux Scam - Or is it a Great Paid to Click Money Maker?

Author: Wayne Goodwin

If you are in luck, you are reading this article because you had questions about Neobux. You are interested in knowing if it is safe to become a member and generate money from. Your largest question could be whether or not there is a Neobux scam.

So, could it be a Neobux Scam, or an easy plan to accrue some extra cash online?
Let us take a closer look at Neobux to find our answers.
The largest worry about Neobux is the rented referral system.Many people who have not found financial gains with managing their own referrals on Neobux have made accusations that Neobux uses automated bots to bloat it's numbers.
This concern raises a reasonable question: Is Neobux a Scam?We will take a closer study at what Neobux truly has to give.

• The admin could be selling bots as rented referrals in place of real member accounts. If true, it could lead to Neobux members purchasing rented referrals who soon stop clicking and fail to earn passive income.

• Concerns are that Neobux shows Clickbank offers that only the site administrator is profiting from, and has only kept those up to generate the impression of actual advertisers.This may point towards the fact that the only income Neobux is bringing in is produced from referral purchases and membership purchases.

So Why Should I Join Neobux?
• Neobux has millions of users.

• Instant payouts are available through PayPal, Netteller, and AlertPay.

• You are able to join as a free user, or choose from a variety of different yearly membership options that cost anywhere from $90/year to $890/year.

• Neobux has been operating for over three years with few problems and almost no cases which caused the site to be down for an extended period of time. This is an amazing accomplishment in the world of Paid to Click where DDOS attacks are common and damaging.

• The Neobux coding is securely constructed and gives members a great number of useful features that make it a lot easier to easily manage referrals of all types.

• If you have a decent direct referral base, you can earn a VERY significant monthly income through Neobux. Despite rumors of referral BOTS, with a well structured management strategy you can also profit more with referral rentals.

There's Totally a Valid Opportunity to Make Money Through Neobux. What about the Concerns Mentioned Before? Is it actually a Neobux Scam or no?
Neobux has a MASSIVE pool of referrals up for rent. Even IF some of them are bots that will fail to generate income in the long haul, there are hundreds of people who join Neobux all of the time with no referrer. All of the members who sign up with no referrer go to the listof available rental referrals. Additionally, members have the option to rent out their own direct referrals to other members. So there is no doubt that ACTUAL members are purchasable through the referral rental system.
When you become a member of Neobux, there is a knowledge base that you will need to learn to be sure that your referrals(both rented and direct) work for you successfully. With no strong management strategy, you may find yourself disappointed with the earnings of your referrals and fearing that it is a Neobux scam. So the most important point to learn from this review, is that you should prepare yourself thoroughly before investing any of your own money into this PTC opportunity. With a strong strategy for picking which referrals to retain, which to renew, and which to disown entirely, you can quickly build a strong referral network of both rented and direct referrals who will generate you FREE passive profits each and every day.
For those who might think it is in reality a Neobux scam, with the admin just wishing to profit from the rented referral "bots," remember that you are not ever required to pay for signing up, and you are never required to purchase referrals. You can earn income as a completely free user of Neobux. The purchase referral system is in place for users interested in gaining referrals quicker. If you are not able to bring in direct referrals and you are able to manage your rented referrals for profit, it can be a simple way to increase your income at an accelerated pace. If you don't have faith that you can manage the rented referrals, you can just avoid renting and just consider it as a normal PTC website by accruing direct referrals.
Simply put, there is no such thing as a Neobux Scam. It is a legitimate PTC website that has instant pay outs , low payout requirements, and has been in existence for more time than other sites.
Though you will not get rick overnight, Neobux can help even a penniless person make money online with little effort.

You can join Neobux HERE, or by clicking any banner on the page. If you are interested in an affordable guide to Neobux strategies, you can pick one up by clicking Neobux Scam article, click the link to check it out.

Now that you know there is no Neobux Scam, you know Neobux can be a great way to earn income online if you know how to get direct referrals. To learn how to grow Neobux, or any online business with Internet Marketing, check out Empower Network.
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