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Four Steps to Change

Author: Josh Andrews

With the the want to make a change quickly approaching, it’s time to start inspiring about the new changes we all want to make. I hear my students tell me that they are inspiring, but often it’s hard to find the time to actually find the time to do. Here’s what works.

1. Write it down – it doesn’t take a lot of time to take some simple notes. When we write things down, we are internalizing what we want out of life.

2. Set a date – setting a date to all of our goals will enable us to make it a priority to complete what we would like to accomplish within that timeframe. A date can be changed, but if we never set a date, it’s like taking a shot at something that’s not real. You’ll never hit the bull’s-eye without a target.

3. Display your goals – keeping track of want you want out of life is important, but let’s face it, we are all trying to find more time. We have to set reminders regularly. Display your goals eminently, where you will see them every day, on the fridge, near a computer, above the desk. Come-on, let’s face it, there’s a many places to display your goals.

4. Track it – as you get done with your goals, track your progress. Sign off on your goals as you get done with them and regularly update your goal commitment sheets. Keep them somewhere you can go back to so that you can look back at what you’ve achieved, and even sometimes remind yourself to get back into the habit of a previous goal.

If you like to set goals, you’ve probably already thought of some things you want to be able to get done. And maybe, you already set your goals on regularly. I promise that if you follow these four basic steps, you will be closer to the ‘You’ you’ve always wanted to be!

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Here’s to your success!
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