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The VSB200 Sound Bar from VIZIO

Author: Dave Vanq

As it is only one moderately small speak do not expect true surround sound, nonetheless it does give it a superb go and it does provide you with good type of surround sound. Even though it might not pack a punch as a full system, it does provide you with the capability to customise your sound to the way you want it which I think is a nice addition.

Generally, remarks by customers implies that the audio is actually incredible for the price tag. What's more, it incorporates a socket to have a subwoofer, which enables anyone to increase the audio even more.

The speaker does have a handful of problems however. I've seen one or two remarks of users not been 100% satisfied with it. For example the audio only coming from the edges (suggesting that not all of the audio speakers are working). And perhaps surprising one warning you not to drop it or it will not work! A fantastic point I think you'll concur.
Depending on your ability around the house will effect how easy you'll find it to attach the speaker against a wall, but if you cannot do it any handyman will be qualified to do it in 2 seconds.

The remote has come into question more than once but nothing that could cause a permanent problem, a few having troubles with the infrared sensor and where it is placed on the speaker. The Infrared receiver sits underlying a textured grill at the front. To deal with the issue several customers have had to take out the front grill cover away from the sound-bar, then got rid of the expanded polystyrene that's covering up the sensing unit. The majority of people claim that this has sorted the matter. Many individuals state that this results in a big improvement. Additionally, if must you fasten it on a wall, make certain to place it high enough above your TV, or otherwise the signal out of your remote could be obstructed.

This VIZIO model is perfect being a low budget sound bar, with hassle free set ups and minimal wiring and cabling. Its meant to increase the audio on a TV, not meant as a true surround audio system for a complete home entertainment system arrangement, but it remains excellent value for money.
I hope you actually have enjoyed my review. To find out more facts take a look at Vizio VSB200 Sound BarVizio VSB200 Sound Bar.
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