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North American English

Author: Jay Aguilar

The United States of America

What makes the United States of America?
- The United States of America is a nation of 50 states.
- Each state has individual laws and freedoms but also have to obey the United States
• 7 articles and 27 amendments.

- As of July 2011, the CIA World Fact Book estimated that the current population in the USA is
313,232,044 people and growing.

- First (primary) language: English
• There are roughly 650 million people in the world who use English on a daily basis. This means that the United States of America has almost half of all English speakers in the world today.
• In the year 2000 it was estimated that there were 375 million people that spoke English as a second language, about 750 million people as a foreign language and currently, there over 1 billion people in the world today that are learning English.

- National bird: Bald Eagle
• Similar to the German word for Hedgehog, “Igel”.

- Climate: The United States has a wide range of climates depending on the region that you
you are in. There are tall mountains with temperatures at or below -40 degrees Fahrenheit
and there are low valleys that can reach more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In Florida you
will find tropical regions and in Washington state, you will find forest. There are plenty of
days in America that are pleasant and can be enjoyed by everyone. California for example
an average of about 153 days of sunshine every year with some cities having more than
200 days of sunshine. America can really show its diversity with its weather though. There
are also tornados in America as well as blizzards, dangerous heat waves, dangerous cold
fronts, hurricanes and earthquakes as well.

- Sports: Almost every known sport is played in America.
• National favorites and most popular sports are American football, baseball, basketball, golf and hockey.

- Hobbies: Americans, as in most things, are very diverse. They enjoy sports of all kinds,
outdoor events, socializing, music, dancing, singing, watching television, eating and
drinking, driving, vacationing, technology and much more.

- Attitude: The United States of America is a country of pride in its culture, military, sports,
business, manufacturing and technology. Americans are in general a happy people. You find
that in most places, Americans put smiles on their faces when going outdoors, even when
when having a bad day. The general public is open for discussion about many things, but as
in most places, caution should be taken when speaking about religion, politics and race.

- Religion: Christian

English in America

The United States of America has many different words, accents and rhythm, or speed of speech as do most English speaking countries. The type of English spoken is known as North American English dialect. One of the most noticeable differences from coast to coast in the US is the speed and accent of an individual. Some theorize that Californians speak so fast because of the large majority of Spanish speakers in California. Others think that it is simply because California is a very fast paced state where the new becomes old just when the new began. California has around 40 million people and the GDP of California alone makes it the 8th largest economy in the world. This means that there is a lot of international business in California and the overall affect may change the accent and speed of one’s speech.

As you head over to the east coast, you will notice that a lot of different sounds change and Canadian accents start to mix in certain areas. In places like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, the accent changes dramatically for certain locations. The “aw” in Boston becomes “Bauston”, the “or” in New York becomes more silent and the tongue changes shape to almost sound like an “L” like “New Yolk”. In New Jersey, you will find that the accent is similar to New York, but the main difference is where the stress in words is placed. For example, “New Jersey” might be said more like, “New JERsey”.

From the east coast if you head south, you will find a very interesting sound system. To some it may be one of the most difficult accents to understand, some may find it atrocious and some may find it to be “the good ol’ American accent”. It is almost impossible to describe in writing how southerners speak. The speed of speech in most cases is slower than in other parts of the country. A lot of words and sounds may seem to be dragged out as well. A word like “they” may become something more like “thyey” and “me” might sound like “maye”.

In almost every city that you go to in America, you will find different slang words. You will find that some words are shorter and some words you may not even consider a word, but then again, what is word? The great debate between linguists in the world, is a word a set of sounds that one puts together to be understood? Or is it a set of specific letters, vowels and consonants in a certain order with rules set by grammarians? Can it be both? It must be. With that in mind, English in America will take time to learn and understand fully. With over half of the worlds native English speakers in it though, and a truly diverse dialect, North American English may be the best English to learn from.

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