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English Lessons for All Learner Types

Author: ArmandoMAguilarJr

Easy Online English Lessons

It’s amazing to see the amounts of people speaking English in the world today. There are about 650 million people, all over the world who are speaking English. Of that 650 million people, around 300 million are American. So why is English expanding so quickly? The answer is simple, advanced communication. The world is being brought together like never before seen. With a global economic collapse, comes a new beginning. This new beginning will of course, like history has shown us, speed up the pace on things like human advancement (technology). With this, the need for international language sky rockets. So what is North American English? North American English is simply a dialect that is spoken mainly in the United States of America and Canada. There are also different words used to describe things. Here are some examples: baby carriage, which Great Britain calls “buggy” or ladybug, which some British call “ladybird”. Another difference is the style of writing, mainly formal. Some may view the Great British ways to be a bit old fashioned and out of date, while others prefer it. Of course, the major difference in the two, accents. North America, having almost half of the world’s English speaking population, will have the largest impact out of all other places on Earth, on the English language.

Learning English Online

It’s sad today that there are so many websites that offer teaching English to people and employ people that are not even qualified to teach English. Be cautious when looking to learn English online. Make sure to ask if the person you are learning from is certified. Ask to see their credentials and qualifications, so that you don’t waste your money. The question now, how much does it cost? The cost will always vary. The cost will, in most cases, vary on how much the teacher wants per hour. Some sites will charge more because they are “housing” these “teachers” in their website, so they want money for that too. A lot of sites have you buy “credits”. So, let’s say that you buy 100 credits from a company to learn English online. What they will do is let the teacher charge for what they think is a good price. So you have John Doe asking for $15/lessons. In most cases, you will spend 15 credits. However, there are also sites that will charge more because they need their cut as well. This is a common practice when learning English online.
Learning with NorthAmericanEnglish.net
A great site and a site you can truly trust is North American English. These are accredited teachers to speakers of other languages, certified by the ITAA. If you are interested in learning English online, you should take a look at this website. They have great material and teaching technique and will provide you with all the material that you need. The style of NorthAmericanEnglish teaching is one that is quickly spreading all over the world. They use the communicative approach and also the task based learning method. The reason for this is because it is the best way to get the learner to speak the English language throughout the lesson. Each lesson will be made specifically for the learner. They are specialized in conversational English and business English. If you are looking to improve your English for academic purposes, this site is not for you. However, if you are trying to get some tutoring for academic purposes, these people can help you very much. Out of all of the sites online, if you are looking for great instruction for a great price, all on your time, NorthAmericanEnglish is one the best. Please visit the link below and request more information.

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