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Anabolic Steroids - Data on the Different Types

Author: Dennis Reynolds

All Athletes Should Know These Facts About Anabolic Steroids

The tarnished reputation that anabolic steroids have received over the years is not necessarily without merit. It is not surprising that the after-effect of the use of these steroids can be both dangerous and can even lead to death. It is helpful to know about the wide range of this particular category of steroids. The medical community uses a different class of steroids that are only used medically - to treat disease and illness. Frequently, it has been seen to be very advantageous to treat people who are HIV-positive with these steroids, especially during a critical event. Both scientists and medical researchers continue to investigate and report on the many ways these steroids operate.

Clenbuterol has become popular with athletes and those bodybuilders who are high performers. Since CLEN burns body fat, it consequently lowers the BMR (basal metabolic rate)of the person taking it. This causes the body to burn more calories with less work. The action of Clen is to affect receptors within the body that release fat cells. Once that is achieved, then those newly released fat cells can be metabolized as fuel for energy and weight loss. Veterinaries around the globe have found CLEN useful as a bronchodilator for the treatment of respiratory problems in animals, specifically horses. The intent in some countries is to stimulate fat loss so the meat that is produced is leaner. However, this substance is not sanctioned or approved for use within the US by veterinarians. Practically since it was introduced, this drug has been in demand by members of the sports community. Unfortunately, the androgenic effects of anabolic steroid use are impossible to escape. There are pluses and minuses to using androgens or testoids, but athletes seem to take this in their stride. Body builders are drawn to androgen use because of their ability to increase muscle mass due to the fact that they stimulate protein production. Disruption of a man's reproduction system might occur when a man uses androgens. The androgenic effects for women can be even more unsettling. Not only can they have irregular menstrual cycles, but the steroids can stimulate the growth of the woman's clitoris.

Dianabol is a very old anabolic steroid developed many decades ago. Dianabol is commonly referred to as D Bol. It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to use a combination of D Bol and testosterone for the heightened effects that result. With D Bol, you have the choice of taking the pill or getting a shot (injection). A major drawback to taking D Bol is the problems it can cause for your liver. Another drawback to taking D Bol is that it can lead to increased blood pressure - hypertension. Th
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