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The Risky and Possibly Deadly Outcome When Using Anabolic Steroids

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects And Why You Should Be Concerned

It would be hard to argue that anabolic steroids are safe, to the contract their side effects can be quite severe. People have continued to use these drugs even though they well know that they carry a significant risk of harmful side effects. The lure of very rapid muscle mass growth, overall strength and physical endurance can be too much for some to ignore. Professional athletes may feel even more pressure to take these drugs just so that they can be competitive. In the sections that follow we'll explore in greater detail how your body is affected by recreational steroid use.

The problem with anabolic steroid use is it is an element that can inhibit many organs. So depending on the situation, it is possible to see negative consequences in different areas of the body. Consider that the all- encompassing bad effects from steroid use is dependent on the way you take the drug. Orally taken steroids will generally increase the risk for severe side effects as opposed to injections. For an increase in their performance, athletes will use particular anabolic steroids. The same attention needs to be paid regarding the ill effects however. There are different steroids that have worse effects on the body. There can be behavioral risks with steroid use such as increased levels of aggression. This behavior can be attributed to an over abundance of testosterone in the body. Testosterone production is brought on by the presence of steroids and may contribute to the behavior. However, the greater aggression that can be exhibited has been known to cause legal problems due to the behavioral changes that may occur.

It is common to hear about roid rage, the behavioral side effect of anabolic steroid consumption. Keep in mind that the production of testosterone in the body will be through the roof. Incredibly violent moods have been documented and it is only one side effect of steroid use that someone might experience. Roid rage has been implicated in some cases for the death and injury of family members or close friends of the steroid user. The side effects of anabolic steroids seem to spread out a radiate beyond the immediate user.

There is definitely a line that is crossed when a person decides to begin using anabolic steroids. There are other derivatives of this steroid, and each one carries its own set of risk factors and side effects.
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