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The Dangerous and Potentially Fatal Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Author: Dennis Reynolds

The Liver's Reaction to Anabolic Steroids

The question of negative side effects of anabolic steroids has received tremendous debate in many circles and news media. Whether or not steroid use comes with side effects is usually not the issue, it's the variable nature of the side effects that are of concern. Professional athletes in particular are vulnerable to the more severe side effects due to the high frequency of steroid abuse among them. Of course there are unknown factors at play such as genetics and predispositions to medical problems such as involving the heart. But you are gambling with your long term health when you decide to use these drugs. Let's take a look at several of the side effects of anabolic steroids.

There are a number of varying degrees of damage that can come from using these substance, and it all depends on few things. But liver damage is almost a certainty in these situations. Minor liver damage is almost a certainty, but more extreme degrees of damage may result in cancer or even organ failure. Other risks are present with the kidneys, and the impact can be equally serious. These risks are greater when the steroids are ingested by mouth. Injecting the substance directly into the muscle seems to be a method that does not carry the same chance of damage. Easy to use geometry aids us in our understanding of one of the side effects of steroids on muscle development. The body sometimes has difficulty dealing with excessively large bundles of muscle. The ever-enlarging muscles can encroach on the space requirements needed by bones and joints, for example. Understandably this makes for a difficult time for the athlete. But this is what the high level athlete may have to deal with among other issues. Abuse of anabolic steroids leads to a curtailing of benefits. In this scenario, an individual may find themselves at increased risk for bone fractures.

There is a wide range of issues resulting from steroid abuse, more than the just the obvious ones. Case in point, addictive personalities are not necessarily made, they are of a person’s mental makeup. Physical and psychological addictions are never defined there is a myriad of causes and effects. But there are certain withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off of steroid use.

This makes it symptomatic given the craving and the use of a controlled substance. As well as the painful course of action when you go through the withdrawal process.

When someone starts using anabolic steroids, they may be asking for trouble. There are other derivatives of this steroid, and each one carries its own set of risk factors and side effects.
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