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3 Essential Rules for the Aspiring Bodybuilder

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Tips to Help the New Bodybuilder Get Started

Bodybuilding is becoming more and more popular and not just for the aesthetic appeal of having a great body but due to the nutritional and exercise principles one can learn an implement. The discipline and education you get on proper nutrition is invaluable when you go through bodybuilding. Your health will be optimized and the good habits you form as far as your nutrition is concerned will be with you throughout your life. To avoid the many pitfalls a person can fall victim to when they begin their bodybuilding journey, it's imperative that you seek out the proper information each step of the way. Our goal in this report is to give you some recommendations so you can begin your bodybuilding experience successfully.

Consuming the right foods pre workout is very important for making the right gains. The first thing to note is working out on an empty stomach will make you feel tired and thus have a negative impact on your performance. The stores of glycogen in your muscles will get burned up really quickly and once it's all gone your body will use muscle as an alternative fuel. You will certainly find it hard to motivate yourself when working out if you've not eaten anything. Therefore you should eat around an hour before you actually begin your workout. The meal should consist of low to moderate GI carbs, or slow-acting carbs, fast-acting carbs, like fruit and protein. It may be a good idea to take a pre-workout supplement around thirty minutes before you training session commences.

Alcohol is a no go if you're serious about getting a six pack. While it doesn't actually get stored as fat, it is metabolized much like carbohydrates, becoming the body's primary source for fuel. This means that your body must use up the energy from the alcohol before it can attempt to burn off any fat from your body. You should avoid drinking alcohol because some studies have discovered that alcohol can act as a suppressant on your libido, in addition to weakening your muscles. If you want to waste all of your hard work from training then go right ahead and drink another beer. Therefore, if you are serious about your training you'll not pick up the bottle and drink.

When you are training, make sure you alternately train the different parts of your body from day to day. This is imperative because your muscles need at least one day of recovery, allowing them to stitch back together and repair the "damage" done during training. Do you prefer to work out each day? Then design your training sessions to allow your muscles the time they need to recover from the previous days training. As an example, if you work on your shoulders today, or your arms, concentrate on your abs or your legs tomorrow. Full body workouts are becoming very popular and a lot of bodybuilders are switching over. If you go to YouTube and search for "full body workouts" you will find many videos to guide you. You only need to train every other day when you use this method.
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