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New to Bodybuilding? Follow These Tips to Succeed

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Tips to Help the New Bodybuilder Get Started

What will you gain by being a bodybuilder? You'll build a great physique, you will have more energy than you have ever had before, and you will improve your health. Any repetitive activity, such as bodybuilding, that requires your concentration and is done in solitude is a form of meditation. This has many positive benefits for your mental state. Ideally, other people will leave you alone and not interrupt your concentration. However, here are some essential tips that you need to know before you start on your body building journey.

Your diet can actually play a more important role in the results you achieve as a bodybuilder than your exercise system. Actually, whether you are in the "cutting" phase - looking for lean muscle definition - or in the "bulk up" phase - putting on weight - the results you want will elude you if the specific diet for each phase isn't followed. And another thing to keep in mind - the diet plan for getting ripped is very different from a bulk up diet. It's impossible to accomplish both at the same time. They are totally different processes. For the bulking stage, which is where you start, you definitely want to eat more calories than your metabolism needs when your body is at rest. Calorie consumption during this phase is generally 20 times what your body weight is. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you would need to consume 4000 calories a day. The reduced calorie "cutting" stage comes after the bulk up phase and it's the more challenging of the two phases you must go through. You cut way back on your carbs - about 1 gram of carbohydrates per pound of body weight - with the exception of fresh fruits. For the best results during the bulk up phase - to increase your muscle mass - you must remember that the quality of the food is more important than the quantity. The foods you eat must be healthy. Don't eat a diet of junk and processed foods. For this stage of your training, you will need to include more complex carbohydrates in your eating plan than during the cutting phase. Also extremely important are lean protein and a variety of vegetables and fruits. If you eat about one gram of lean protein for every pound you weigh, you will be right on target.

Cheat days are essential to your success because they provide an essential psychological break, which will allow you to stick to your clean diet, whether you are cutting or bulking.

Bodybuilding requires a break or a cheat day to ensure that your mind fresh and clear. If you are cutting and your cheat day is affecting fat loss, then you can consider cutting back to once every two weeks. It is all about making sure that your body does not adapt to any one routine, therefore the extra day off may be necessary to succeed. By sticking in an occasional day of cake, ice cream, and pie, you can keep a positive mental attitude as you work toward your goal of getting cut or building mass.

Cardio is essential during a cutting phase.
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