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Essential Advice for the Novice Bodybuilder

Author: Dennis Reynolds

New to Bodybuilding? Follow These Tips to Succeed

What will you gain by being a bodybuilder? You'll build a great physique, you will have more energy than you have ever had before, and you will improve your health. Another perk of working out is the solitude you will experience. This allows you to clear your mind. Fellow bodybuilders will not disturb your concentration during your workout. You can improve your chances of success from your bodybuilding efforts if you pay heed to the following tips and suggestions.

Make it a point to learn which nutrients are the most important for different stages of your bodybuilding. Whatever you are going to be doing, eat what is the most important foods for that task. Ideally, when you are preparing for a high-intensity workout, which will burn a lot of calories, it's a good idea to "carbo load" before you begin. Cut back on the carbs when you are not going to be active, such as when you sleep. Your body doesn't need the fuel for sleeping so it will just be stored as fat. Don't try to get rid of too many carbs. It's imperative that you eat enough to keep your body fueled so it doesn't go to your muscle mass for fuel. Just take the time to learn how many carbs are best for you and when you should eat them for maximum results. Common sense will tell you that if you don't replenish the supply of carbs - and fat - in your system in the morning before you do your cardio exercise, your body will, as a matter of course, burn the fat you already have stored. If you don't eat carbs before your cardio workout, your body will, of necessity, have to call on your stored body fat for fuel. Fat is not evil and, in fact, at least 25% of your calories should come from fat, such as animal fats, olive oil, flax oil and salmon oil. Fat is essential to many processes in the body and that is why cutting it out completely or reducing it to ridiculously low levels will be detrimental to your health. Fats can help you to feel full up and therefore help you attain your dream body. This is because fats are burnt off for energy slowly.

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