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New to Bodybuilding? Follow These Tips to Succeed

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Use These Bodybuilding Tips to Build an Awesome Physique

There are plenty of great benefits of getting into bodybuilding, which explains why it has increased in popularity recently. Firstly, bodybuilding can help you lose weight and also stay the same weight. It's also good for stopping depression as well as decreasing the risk of you developing many different diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also cancer. The problem is that lots of people give up give up just after they've started because they don't know what to do. The following information will help you and make you want to go to the gym every day.

One of the more popular thoughts in recent years in regard to staying healthy is reducing your carbohydrate intake, yet without this, you will not succeed in bodybuilding. Muscle growth, and your overall performance when bodybuilding, is significantly enhanced because of the glycogen that the carbs provide your muscles.

However, not all carbs are equal, in that some types, such as fructose, will be stored as liver glycogen, which doesn't help your muscles at all. Triglyceride levels can actually increase if the capacity of fructose in your liver is filled, which can be bad for your health. This can get dangerous very quickly because the liver can only store 100 g of this sugar at a time. You need to ingest glucose, not fructose, after your workout so that muscle glycogen can be created within your body to help rebuild your muscles.

Whether you're bulking up, or trimming down, all bodybuilders need a psychological break known as a "cheat day" in order to maintain proper performance levels.

These cheat days should happen at least once a week when you are bodybuilding. For those of you that are cutting, and you are noticing that you are not achieving your goals because of a cheat day, cut it back to twice every 30 days. Working out, especially when you are trying to lose fat, requires that the body be confused therefore these days are necessary to throw off the routine. That is why it is important to have these fun days off where you can eat whatever you want, and then get back to your regimen.

It's important that you train a different part of your body each day, not the same part two days in a row. The reason to alternate which part of your body you train is to allow the most recently trained part a chance to rest and repair. This is what causes growth. Most professional bodybuilders don't work out each and every day but, if you want to do so set up a system with your trainer that allows you to alternate which group of muscles, or specific body parts, you work on each day. Make sure to allow at least one day in between so the muscles can repair. For example, one day one you could work the upper body and the next day the lower body. If you don't want to train every day, but would prefer every other day, consider the increasingly popular full-body workouts. You rest for a day after each training session to allow your muscles the time they need to heal. You will find several excellent videos on YouTube to show you how to do these routines.
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