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Secrets for a Successful Start in Bodybuilding

Author: Dennis Reynolds

If You're Into Bodybuilding You Must Follow These 3 Important Rules

You may have seen some big bodybuilders training in the gym and thought to yourself 'I wish I looked like that', well the good news is you can get a body like theirs. Every person can. The only catch is it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to attain such physique. In the end it is totally worth it and there are many benefits. The following tips given to you in this article will allow you to get the best returns from what you put into bodybuilding, so don't forget them.

Without carbohydrates, building your muscles will be extremely difficult, and therefore you need to have them in your body when you begin to bodybuild. This is because carbs are required to replenish muscle glycogen, which helps in muscle growth and improves performance.

You also need to be careful of the type of carbohydrates that you ingest for some of them, like fructose, become liver glycogen which is useless for your muscles. A downside to creating too much fructose is that it will be converted into triglycerides which is bad for your health. Only 100 g of fructose can be stored in your liver before it is converted into triglycerides, so you must watch your carbohydrate intake. On the other hand, glucose gets converted into muscle glycogen, which is why your post workout meal should consist of carbs that contain mainly glucose and not fructose.

You should totally forget about alcohol if you want to get lean. While it doesn't actually get stored as fat, it is metabolized much like carbohydrates, becoming the body's primary source for fuel. This means that your body must use up the energy from the alcohol before it can attempt to burn off any fat from your body. Two other great reasons to avoid alcohol are that several studies have found that alcohol acts as a suppressant on the libido as well as the loss of muscle strength. So, if you want to slave away for nothing all week and wash all your hard work down the drain on the weekend, then go ahead and down another beer. However, if you are very determined to get ripped you will not consume any alcoholic beverages.

Cardio workouts are the training you must use when you enter the "cutting" phase of your bodybuilding program.
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