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Are You An Aspiring Bodybuilder? Here Are Some Fundamentals to Guide You

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Some Advice to Help the New Bodybuilder Make a Great Start

There are many benefits of taking part in bodybuilding, which is the reason for it becoming popular. Bodybuilding can help you lose unwanted weight as well as keep depression away. You can also lower the risk of getting devastating diseases such as diabetes and cancer. However, many people give up soon after they begin because they don't have the right information and make mistakes. In this article we'll be helping you with a couple of tips that'll motivate you to keep going to the gym.

Before you workout it's essential that you eat properly to ensure maximum muscle gains. First of all, running on a completely empty stomach while weight training will negatively impact your performance because you are likely to feel tired. Additionally, the glycogen stores in your muscles will quickly be burned off, and once it's gone, the body will start burning muscle for fuel. You'll also find it very difficult to push yourself and improve if you are running on empty and are overly tired. Ideally you should consume a meal between an hour or two before you get on with your training session. Your first meal of the day should contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and also protein. Pre-workout supplements are also a good idea to take as they can improve your performance greatly. You will discover that a majority of successful bodybuilders recommend that you eat six to eight meals each day. You don't want to go into calorie deficit mode. Even when you are not at home or at the gym, you should carry protein shakes with you. This is because you need to keep your "furnace" going and not allow your metabolism to slow down, which is what happens when you take too long a break between meals. Our bodies are really good at recognizing when we are in "starvation" mode and this can happen if you don't eat every two to three hours while training. What your body will do is lower your metabolism and consume as little fuel from the food you give it as possible. This is not what you want. When this "efficiency" occurs your body uses as few calories as it can get by on. The rest of the calories are tucked away as fat in your fat cells and saved for later. Another recommendation from successful sports nutritionists and bodybuilders is to eat well-rounded meals. Don't just eat, for example, protein. Have your carbs, fat, and protein at each meal.

When you are training, make sure you alternately train the different parts of your body from day to day. This is necessary because if you train the same muscle set for two successive days, the area in question doesn't get the necessary time to rest and mend the damage done during the work out. This repair time is what causes the muscles to grow, which is what you are trying to accomplish. In order to protect your muscles and allow them the time they need to recuperate from a training session today, do not plan to exercise the same body area tomorrow. Give your muscles the time they need to repair and grow. That's the whole purpose. You can train everyday if you prefer to do so, just do it wisely. To illustrate, suppose on Wednesday you spent a lot of time on the rowing machine or lat pull-down machine to work on your arms and shoulders. This is great. But, on Thursday you would want to concentrate on your legs and gluts, not your arms and shoulders. Full body workouts, with a day of rest between training sessions for muscle recovery, are becoming very popular amount bodybuilders. You can find a lot of free workout routines and explanations on YouTube.
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