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Get Yourself In Great Shape with These Bodybuilding Tips

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Want a Great Body? Use These Bodybuilding Tips To Achieve It!

The pay offs for bodybuilding are several, including improved health, optimum energy and, of course, a well-toned body. It also gives you time for yourself when you can recharge your mental batteries, because no one is going to bother you while you are working out. However, here are some essential tips that you need to know before you start on your body building journey.

When it comes to body building, nutrition is just as important, if not more important, than your exercise routine. In reality, you won't get the "ripped" muscle definition results you want if you don't eat the proper foods. The same is true when you are in your "bulk up" phase. You have to eat right. Please don't think you can do the "bulking up" phase and the "cutting" phase at the same time. It just isn't possible. The way you eat in each phase is unique to what you are trying to accomplish. The first step is to bulk up. You need to increase your muscle mass. To do this, you must eat a lot of foods. Your daily calories should equal about 15 - 20 times what your weight is. You have to eat less than your RMR (resting metabolic rate) so you don't burn calories when you sleep. Immediately after you have reached your bulking up goal, you begin a systematic plan to get lean and rid of the excess fat you have accumulated. This phase can be challenging and you have to eat a lower calorie diet with a lot less carbohydrates. The bulk up phase is much easier than the cutting phase because you can eat a lot of foods. However, the food you consume must be high quality, not junk food. You can get a good diet plan from the trainer at your health club or from the internet. Complex carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, good fats, and lean protein are the main ingredients for a good bulking up diet. A lot of bodybuilders recommend that for each pound you weigh it's necessary to eat one gram of good, lean protein each day.

Carbohydrates are experiencing a lot of criticism of late. This is exactly the same thing that happened with fat way back in the 1980s. Eating more carbohydrates each day than your body needs for fuel can lead to fat build up on your body. Normally, your insulin secretion is sufficient to transport the glucose from the carbs into your muscle cells, but if you happen to be insulin resistant, or sensitive, this doesn't happen. So, if you want to lose weight, the best advice is to drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume daily. Carbohydrates can be very beneficial if you have already embarked on a good, steady workout program. It's easy to know how many carbs to eat. After your body fat composition is below 25%, subtract the fat from your total weight to get your lean body mass. This is easy to figure out using a free BMI calculator online. Then, simply include 3/4 to 1 gram of carbohydrate in your eating plan each day per pound of lean body mass. The key, though, is to really be strength training religiously or your cabs will simply turn into fat.

When you are training, make sure you alternately train the different parts of your body from day to day. This is necessary because if you train the same muscle set for two successive days, the area in question doesn't get the necessary time to rest and mend the damage done during the work out. This repair time is what causes the muscles to grow, which is what you are trying to accomplish. Do you prefer to work out each day? Then design your training sessions to allow your muscles the time they need to recover from the previous days training. As an example, if you work on your shoulders today, or your arms, concentrate on your abs or your legs tomorrow. Full body workouts are becoming very popular and a lot of bodybuilders are switching over. If you go to YouTube and search for "full body workouts" you will find many videos to guide you. You only need to train every other day when you use this method.
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