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Essential Rules That Are Critical To Your Success If You Are A Newbie Bodybuilder

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Essential No Fluff Rules All Rookie Bodybuilders Must Know Or Fail

You will not only be "fit as a fiddle" from your bodybuilding work, you will improve your overall health and your energy reserves will increase. It also gives you time for yourself when you can recharge your mental batteries, because no one is going to bother you while you are working out. You can improve your chances of success from your bodybuilding efforts if you pay heed to the following tips and suggestions.

Your diet can actually play a more important role in the results you achieve as a bodybuilder than your exercise system. Actually, whether you are in the "cutting" phase - looking for lean muscle definition - or in the "bulk up" phase - putting on weight - the results you want will elude you if the specific diet for each phase isn't followed. When you are bulking up, you follow a specific eating plan that causes your abs to not be clearly defined. When you are in the cutting phase, after bulking up, the goal is to lose the fat and reveal your abs. The way you eat during each phase is totally different. The first step is to bulk up. You need to increase your muscle mass. To do this, you must eat a lot of foods. Your daily calories should equal about 15 - 20 times what your weight is. You have to eat less than your RMR (resting metabolic rate) so you don't burn calories when you sleep. Immediately after you have reached your bulking up goal, you begin a systematic plan to get lean and rid of the excess fat you have accumulated. This phase can be challenging and you have to eat a lower calorie diet with a lot less carbohydrates. When you are on the bulking up diet plan, it's true you can eat a lot of foods, but you must eat high-quality. Find a competent plan - either on line or from a trainer at your gym - and follow it. Don't spend all your time at McDonald's or Baskin-Robbins. Complex carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, good fats, and lean protein are the main ingredients for a good bulking up diet. Allow yourself approximately one protein gram per day for each pound of body weight and that should give you the correct amount of protein for your needs.

The carbohydrate has been widely condemned in recent years, much as fat was in the 1980s. In reality, when you eat more carbs than your body needs for fuel, it stores it as fat - yellow, icky, fat. This happens easily for people who are insulin sensitive because their muscle cell receptors do not function properly and don't allow the insulin to transport the sugar, which fuels the muscles, into the muscle cells. So, they simply turn into fat. If you are just starting out and need to lose a lot of body fat, one sure-fire way is to severely reduce your carb intake. The good news is that carbs can also be very advantageous to the person who is already working out frequently and seriously. If your body fat is below 25% then you can consider an intake of approximately 0.75 g to 1 g per pound of lean body mass. Just remember that if you consistently do strength-training workouts, the carbohydrates you eat will be burned as fuel instead of being turned into fat.

During the bulking phase you probably put on more fat than you want, or need. The cutting phase is the stage where you'll want to get ripped and a good way to do that is by including cardio workouts in your weekly schedule.
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