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Get Yourself In Great Shape with These Bodybuilding Tips

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Essential Advice for the Novice Bodybuilder

The rewards for the efforts you put into bodybuilding are great. Your energy level improves, you get a body to be proud of and excellent health. Any repetitive activity, such as bodybuilding, that requires your concentration and is done in solitude is a form of meditation. This has many positive benefits for your mental state. Ideally, other people will leave you alone and not interrupt your concentration. To guarantee a favorable outcome from your bodybuilding workouts, read the recommendations outlined in this article.

Plan your meals around your day to day activities. The nutrients you consume should be determined by what you plan to do that day. Ideally, when you are preparing for a high-intensity workout, which will burn a lot of calories, it's a good idea to "carbo load" before you begin. When you sleep, your metabolism is slower. Anything you have eaten just before bedtime will most likely not be used for energy and will be stored as fat. This is especially true of carbohydrates. A protein shake is fine and won't be stored as fat but, other than that, don't eat for two or three hours before you go to bed. Of course, you must include carbs in your diet. This is your body's main source of fuel. It's important to figure out the optimum amount of carbs you need and the best time of day to eat them. For the most efficient fat burning tactic if you are using cardio training to rid your body of excess body fat, make sure you do your cardio first thing in the morning before you eat any additional carbs. Let you body use the fat already stored in your fat cells. If you do eat a bunch of carbohydrates before your cardio workout, your body will simply burn the carbs for fuel instead of your stored body fat. Fats, like flax oil, olive oil, salmon oil and animal fats should make up around a quarter of your daily calorie intake. Fats really aren't bad for you! Fats are needed for many different processes carried out by the body, which is why cutting out or reducing your fat intake to stupid levels will be bad for your body. In addition, fats are also an energy source that is used slowly, meaning you're kept content for longer, which in the long runs means it's easier to maintain a lean physique.

Cardio workouts are the training you must use when you enter the "cutting" phase of your bodybuilding program.
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