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Use These Bodybuilding Tips to Build an Awesome Physique

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Some Advice to Help the New Bodybuilder Make a Great Start

It's possible for you to get a great physique like those people you might have seen in the gym working out with amazing figures. Anyone can. But you must be very committed and persistent as it isn't an easy task and it does take quite some time. In the end it is totally worth it and there are many benefits. With the tips offered in the article, you will be able to maximize your returns from the effort you put in, so make sure to keep them in mind.

Although it is necessary to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake to lose weight, it will not help you build muscle, especially if you are trying to body build for the first time. Muscle growth, and your overall performance when bodybuilding, is significantly enhanced because of the glycogen that the carbs provide your muscles.

Some sugars, such as fructose, are not useful when building muscle because they are stored in the liver and not utilized for rebuilding muscle tissue. Unhealthy levels of triglycerides can manifest by having too much fructose in your liver. Since the liver can only store 100 g of fructose at a time, it can happen pretty quickly. On the other hand, glucose gets converted into muscle glycogen, which is why your post workout meal should consist of carbs that contain mainly glucose and not fructose. Your diet should consist of fats because the truth is fats really are good for you (in moderation)! 25% of your calories should be from fats like oils. Your overall health will suffer if you eliminate fats or limit your fat intake to a very low level because fats are needed by your body for many different processes. Eating fats will make you feel content for longer because fats are burned very slowly for energy, which means your ideal body will be easier to obtain.

Make sure you change which area of your body you are training each day. Don't work on the same body part for two consecutive days. The importance of not exercising in the same areas for two days in a row is that the muscles just trained need time to repair before their next session. Most professional bodybuilders don't work out each and every day but, if you want to do so set up a system with your trainer that allows you to alternate which group of muscles, or specific body parts, you work on each day. Make sure to allow at least one day in between so the muscles can repair. As an example, if you work on your shoulders today, or your arms, concentrate on your abs or your legs tomorrow. A lot of professional bodybuilders are turning to full-body workouts because they take less time and are supposedly more efficient at burning fat. You also rest one day between workouts to allow your muscles to repair.
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