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New to Bodybuilding? Follow These Tips to Succeed

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Want a Great Body? Use These Bodybuilding Tips To Achieve It!

Bodybuilding has reached new heights of popularity in recent years. People are attracted to it because it gives them discipline to create a great body and improve their health and well-being through the exercise and nutrition information they must learn. The nutrition training you go through to become a successful bodybuilder will serve you well for the rest of your life, even if your bodybuilding days come to an end. For this reason alone, bodybuilding is important to learn - as more and more people are doing each day. However, there are many mistakes you can make if you don't have the right information available. In this article, we will be looking at some advice that will help you get started on the right path when it comes to bodybuilding.

Your pre-workout nutrition is immensely important for ensuring you gain good amounts of muscle mass. By not eating in the morning you'll feel tired and therefore you won't do as much in your workout, resulting in a wasted session. The stores of glycogen in your muscles will get burned up really quickly and once it's all gone your body will use muscle as an alternative fuel. You'll also find it very difficult to push yourself and improve if you are running on empty and are overly tired. One or two hours before starting your workout you should have something to eat. The meal should consist of low to moderate GI carbs, or slow-acting carbs, fast-acting carbs, like fruit and protein. Pre-workout supplements are also a good idea to take as they can improve your performance greatly. If you go online, or talk to your trainer, you will find that the recommendation is that you eat every two or three hours. The only time you don't eat is when you sleep. However, before you sleep you should eat some long-acting protein or drink a lot of milk. The reason that this is important is because you don't want your metabolism to slow down, which it will do if you don't eat for a significant amount of time. You need to keep your metabolism revved up. When you allow a lot of time to go between feedings, you body can go into what is called "starvation" mode. Then it shuts down unnecessary fuel consumption to prevent your body from running out of energy, or life-force. This was great for our ancestors who didn't have a reliable source of food, but it's not good for us in today's world. After your metabolism is slowed down and your body is consuming fewer calories to maintain your vital systems, it will take the calories from the food you have given it and store it as fat - to be called up later when more fuel is required. Keep the components of each meal varied. Don't fall into the habit of just eating one macronutrient at a time - such as just protein or carbohydrates or fats. Eat a combination of each food at each meal in the proportion recommended for whichever phase of training you are in.

Keep in mind to alternate the area of your body that you exercise - it's important to train a different body part each day, not the same area for two successive days. This is imperative because your muscles need at least one day of recovery, allowing them to stitch back together and repair the "damage" done during training. Most professional bodybuilders don't work out each and every day but, if you want to do so set up a system with your trainer that allows you to alternate which group of muscles, or specific body parts, you work on each day. Make sure to allow at least one day in between so the muscles can repair. For example, one day one you could work the upper body and the next day the lower body. If you don't want to train every day, but would prefer every other day, consider the increasingly popular full-body workouts. You rest for a day after each training session to allow your muscles the time they need to heal. You will find several excellent videos on YouTube to show you how to do these routines.
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