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As You Begin Your Bodybuilding, Pay Attention to These Vital Tips

Author: Dennis Reynolds

3 Essential Rules for the Aspiring Bodybuilder

You may have seen some big bodybuilders training in the gym and thought to yourself 'I wish I looked like that', well the good news is you can get a body like theirs. Everybody can. You must, however, have a lot of commitment to it and be persistent as it is quite hard and it takes a lot of time. There are lots of benefits though and it's certainly worth it in the end. Keep the following information in mind because it will help you to get the most out of what you put in.

Plan your meals around your day to day activities. The nutrients you consume should be determined by what you plan to do that day. Ideally, when you are preparing for a high-intensity workout, which will burn a lot of calories, it's a good idea to "carbo load" before you begin. Keep in mind also that carbohydrates are used for fuel and what you don't use is stored as fat. If you are gaining too much fat, don't eat carbs after 7 pm unless you are going to be very active. You don't want to eliminate carbohydrates completely because this is what your body burns for fuel. If you run out of carbs, your body will start using muscle tissue for fuel - not what you want! So make sure you eat an adequate amount of complex carbs and lay off the simple carbs and starchy vegetables. Another time you want to clear the way for your body to burn fat is when you do a cardio workout in the morning. Do it before you eat any carbohydrates and you will optimize your fat burning potential. If you don't eat carbs before your cardio workout, your body will, of necessity, have to call on your stored body fat for fuel.

Something called a "cheat day" is essential to your mentality when you are bodybuilding because it gives you a break when you're bulking up or cutting back.

Bodybuilding requires a break or a cheat day to ensure that your mind fresh and clear. It may be necessary to only take two cheat days a month if it is affecting your cutting efforts. It is very important to ensure that your body does not get used to your workout routine, therefore it is necessary to incorporate these intermittent days off especially when focusing on fat loss. By sticking in an occasional day of cake, ice cream, and pie, you can keep a positive mental attitude as you work toward your goal of getting cut or building mass.

Keep in mind to alternate the area of your body that you exercise - it's important to train a different body part each day, not the same area for two successive days. This is imperative because your muscles need at least one day of recovery, allowing them to stitch back together and repair the "damage" done during training. Therefore, if you want to work out every day, then your workout should be structured in such a fashion that you never work the same body part two days in a row. For example, one day one you could work the upper body and the next day the lower body. Full body workouts are becoming very popular and a lot of bodybuilders are switching over. If you go to YouTube and search for "full body workouts" you will find many videos to guide you. You only need to train every other day when you use this method.
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