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Some Advice to Help the New Bodybuilder Make a Great Start

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Bodybuilding For Beginners - Essential Rules That All Bodybuilders Must Follow

There are numerous reasons why bodybuilding is so well-liked. The main reason is the satisfaction of acquiring a great physique, but the lifestyle changes one implements, such as better nutrition and better exercise methods, are also very advantageous. The latter can help people live a much healthier life, which is why bodybuilding is such a great thing to get into. In any case, it's important that your get some instruction from the trainer at your health club so you learn the correct way to do things. To help ensure your success with your bodybuilding efforts, this article will give you a lot of details on the best ways for you to proceed towards your bodybuilding goals.

Before you workout it's essential that you eat properly to ensure maximum muscle gains. Your performance will be impacted on in a bad way if you don't eat before working out with weights as you'll feel tired. The worst thing you can do is burn off all of your glycogen stores as your muscle will be used for fuel which isn't desirable at all! You'll find it a lot more difficult to keep going and improve your workouts if you're running on an empty stomach. Therefore you should eat around an hour before you actually begin your workout. The meal should consist of low to moderate GI carbs, or slow-acting carbs, fast-acting carbs, like fruit and protein. You could also consider taking some special pre-workout supplements to boost your performance even further around 30 minutes before you start your session. A new concept that you might not be aware of is the fact that it's necessary, and recommended by professional bodybuilders, that you eat every two or three hours. The exception is, of course, when you are asleep and, to protect your body during sleep, you should have a bedtime snack of some high quality, long-lasting protein. This will keep your metabolism fired up, which is the goal. It will become sluggish if you don't keep your body 'fueled' frequently. By eating at least 5 meals a day, you don't give your body the chance to think that there is a famine, which means that it will begin running more efficiently. If it's running more efficiently, the result is that your body can run on fewer calories and the excess will be converted into fat. It is also recommended that each meal is a complete meal, featuring a complete, lean protein and a carb in the form of a vegetable.

When you are training, make sure you alternately train the different parts of your body from day to day. This is necessary because if you train the same muscle set for two successive days, the area in question doesn't get the necessary time to rest and mend the damage done during the work out. This repair time is what causes the muscles to grow, which is what you are trying to accomplish. Most professional bodybuilders don't work out each and every day but, if you want to do so set up a system with your trainer that allows you to alternate which group of muscles, or specific body parts, you work on each day. Make sure to allow at least one day in between so the muscles can repair. To illustrate, suppose on Wednesday you spent a lot of time on the rowing machine or lat pull-down machine to work on your arms and shoulders. This is great. But, on Thursday you would want to concentrate on your legs and gluts, not your arms and shoulders. A lot of professional bodybuilders are turning to full-body workouts because they take less time and are supposedly more efficient at burning fat. You also rest one day between workouts to allow your muscles to repair.
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