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The Rules For Every Novice Bodybuilder Must Know In Order To Succeed

Author: Dennis Reynolds

3 Essential Rules for the Aspiring Bodybuilder

You may have seen some big bodybuilders training in the gym and thought to yourself 'I wish I looked like that', well the good news is you can get a body like theirs. Every person can. You must, however, have a lot of commitment to it and be persistent as it is quite hard and it takes a lot of time. In the end it is totally worth it and there are many benefits. In this article I'll be telling you how you can maximize your efforts to get the best gains, so keep what I say in mind.

To achieve an epic transformation you must take post workout nutrition very seriously. This is because right after a workout the body is in shock and will absorb nutrients more rapidly, in an attempt to recover from the strain it has been put under. Gaining more muscle is possible by higher levels of protein synthesis in the body, which experts have said can be increased by taking a protein shake post work out. Whey protein is digested and absorbed by your body very quickly which means that your body can put it to use quicker. Getting a high protein absorption rate is desired as protein is needed to build and repair muscles. After an intense workout many people discover that they really can't consume any solid foods, which is why protein shakes are good to drink straight after a workout.

In the 1980s, fat was the big "forbidden" food. Now that onus has fallen on carbohydrates. When you eat carbohydrates, any that aren't burned as fuel can be stored as fat. However, this is mainly true for people who are insulin sensitive, meaning their muscle cells never receive the glucose from the carbs because their insulin doesn't do its job efficiently.. Therefore, if you are severely overweight, you will need to cut out as many carbohydrates as you can to start leaning out. Carbohydrates can be very beneficial if you have already embarked on a good, steady workout program. If your body fat is below 25% then you can consider an intake of approximately 0.75 g to 1 g per pound of lean body mass. If you want to avoid putting on body fat, the secret is strength training. This intense training will use the carbohydrates you eat as fuel and you will gain minimal body fat.

During the bulking phase you probably put on more fat than you want, or need. The cutting phase is the stage where you'll want to get ripped and a good way to do that is by including cardio workouts in your weekly schedule.
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